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The interior designers’ finest living rooms

Norwegian Interior Blogger has voted the finest living room.

The interior designers' finest living rooms

Every month, the blog Norwegian Interior Blogs has a challenge to their bloggers.

Last month, bloggers were to submit photos of their best fleet.

This month it was the nicest living room to be hosted.

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And there were many different living rooms that were submitted as a contribution to the competition.

Some have a living room with the indistruel style, while others focus on wabi sabi.

Three bloggers dropped with prizes.

The first place in the competition goes to the blog Rosaliga.

– Rustic nature with a dash industrial – right into the trend image in a convincing and tasteful way, the jury writes.

Second place goes to Theas Mania. Here the jury writes the following:

– White and delicate with cheeky color clocks are delicious when choosing colors carefully.

Third place goes to Livs Lyst.

And the jury thinks the image stands out in the living room.

– The picture on the wall catches the eyes and is just delicious and the grandmother’s sofa is cozy and inviting.

The jury consisted of the Norwegian Interior Blogger, together with editor of Rom123, Anne Vestad.

You can see photos from multiple contestants here.

The case has been obtained from the Norwegian Interior Blogger, who works with Click Housing.

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See the living room before and after

The interior designers' finest living rooms

RUSTIC BUILDING: Coarse materials and industrial style in the living room of Rosaliga. Photo: Rosaliga

The interior designers' finest living rooms

ACCURATE PASS: The colors of a bright environment caused Theas Mania to get the second prize. Photo: Theas Mania

The interior designers' finest living rooms

NOSTALGIC STATE: Blogger Life’s desire has a nostalgic living room, with elements many recognize. Photo: Lust of Life

The interior designers' finest living rooms

CHALLENGES: These trees also came high, but unfortunately not quite to the top. From the left: Eldstids, Hviit og Fargesirkelen.

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