The house is on a shelf of glass

The house in Trondheim has an entire floor in glass, but it does not experience the owners as a problem.

The house is on a shelf of glass

This literally airy villa in modern style has Trondheim architects Brendeland & Kristoffersen architects As designed for a young couple with two children.

The house opens and closes

With so much glass around the entire first floor it seems that the view to the home is open. However, it does not experience the family who lives there.

– We are definitely not staying at an exhibition, says the owner of Bonytt. no.

– Because the first floor of the house is lowered, the windows are at normal height when we stay in. Therefore, it is no different than in other houses, the owners think.

With curtains all the way around and flexible lighting system, the family can easily regulate the amount of visibility and visibility they want in the house.

Usually residents keep this incredible glass facade completely open.

New and original Norwegian architecture

– The budget was limited and the accommodation is therefore extremely simple and compact. 120 square meters may sound small, but here all the corridors and gates are cleaned away, architect Geir Brendeland explains to

The house with the special solutions is built in wood and glass.

The design is in class with architectural projects such as the Nesodden dwelling that is far from A-4, or the Asker-house, which reminds two cigarettes stacked on each other.

That’s how the affordable site became a success

As there was no sea view from the plot, it was less expensive than many others in the neighborhood. But the architects assumed that with a roof terrace the residents would have a great view to several sides of the landscape around Trondheim, and not least to the fjord.

In this way, a relatively affordable site was transformed into a location with a prime location, commenting on the two architects behind the project.

The house is on a shelf of glass

THE HOUSE NOTE: The architects Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen designed the house as a wooden box based on six slender A-shaped steel pillars. Here you can see that the massive box produced by Moelven Massive Tre is placed. The architect firm behind this project has previously drawn Norway’s tallest wooden house, a five-story apartment block in the middle of Trondheim. Photo: Architects

The house is on a shelf of glass

SAMPLE WITH NATURE: Here you can see how the house floats above the ground. Notice how close contact the house has with the forest close by. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Terrace on the roof

The house is on a shelf of glass

Only one room in the cabin of the architect

The slightly innovating railing that goes all the way around the roof terrace at the top of the house is also a find for the house.

The terrace includes storage space for smaller outdoor furniture, refrigerators, music systems, electrical outlets and water outlets.

First floor in glass

Even though the top floor is sensational, maybe it’s the first floor most people get to know.

It’s simply a big and open room that is lowered a little down the hill. The floor contains both main entrance, garden entrance, kitchen and living room, dining room and toilet.

– This is an exciting project. It could hardly be easier. And the way the architects use massive wood is a pioneering work, “says editor Tom Erik Holmlund in the Good Rome business magazine.

Nature has become part of the home

– The continuous windshield that runs all the way around the building contributes to the interior of 1. the floor gets close to the surroundings, Geir Brendeland expands.

First and foremost, with all the glass there is a distinctive touch to the forest floor with roots, tree trunks and leaves on one side of the house, and to the lawn on the other side of the house.

The second floor is the most private part of the house

The house is on a shelf of glass

SCREEN SUMMARY: The downturn to the first floor of the concrete slab has also got a special shape. Photo: Architects

2. the floor is designed to stand in maximum contrast to 1. story.

The house is on a shelf of glass

The view gives the feeling of being on the go

This intermediate level in the house is almost closed in relation to the first floor and contains three bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom.

All these rooms are compact, and with a relatively low ceilings, there is an intimate atmosphere in this center of the residence.

Fun atmosphere

The architects add that the windows on the second floor are evenly distributed as regular openings in the façade. This also contributes to the fact that these rooms and the whole house are perceived as calm and neutral.

The house is on a shelf of glass

CULTURE IN FIRST LEVEL: The submerged first floor is light and tasty, even though it is below ground level. Photo: Architects

The house is on a shelf of glass

LARGE TRIVEL WITH THREE: Using complete constructions, the house got a finished inner surface. The tree makes the floor lunatic, protected and private. Photo: Architects

This upper housing in the house is made of a box of solid wood elements and blinds on six thin steel columns. These steel columns have got their special A shape for the house to withstand wind load, as it is called in the architectural language.

The house is on a shelf of glass

Stands out in Holmenkollen

– The radical construction of the house, which reminds us of a wooden bowl of steel, was hatched in collaboration with the well-renowned construction engineer Nils Fjærvik, explains Brendeland.

Energy-saving measures

The house, which anyone thinks can remind an aquarium, has a number of energy-saving installations. Among other things, a balanced ventilation with air-to-air heaters and an air-to-water heat pump for room and water heating. An efficient wood burning stove provides an additional heat supplement in the coldest winter months.

– We have lived in the house for a while, and the garage with stalls is in place. Thus, we consider the facility as complete, the owners end to Bonytt. no

A cotton swab may reveal poor indoor climate

The house is on a shelf of glass

Side view with roof terrace Photo: Simen Stori Drawing: Brendeland and Kristoffersen

The house is on a shelf of glass

Two stairs to the top Photo: Simen Stori Drawing: Brendeland and Kristoffersen

The house is on a shelf of glass

Baseline Photo: Simen Stori Drawing: Brendeland and Kristoffersen

The house is on a shelf of glass

The house with submerged entrance Photo: Simen Stori Drawing: Brendeland and Kristoffersen

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The house is on a shelf of glass

For 60. $ 000 this cottage can be your

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