The hotel you have not seen

Starting from the color company Pantone’s color palette, there was a real color party in the urban Pantone Hotel in Brussels.

The hotel you have not seen

The hotel you have not seen

This train is a hotel

The hotel you have not seen

Barcelona’s most beautiful hotel

The hotel you have not seen

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The hotel you have not seen

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Many hotels offer just one bed to sleep while others give you an experience as well. Someone plays design, others try to seduce your senses.

The Pantone Hotel in Brussels is one of the first category of adventure hotels. Here it speaks in color wherever you move.

The hotel has a rooftop terrace, and a double room costs from approx. kr 1700.

The hotel you have not seen

REGNBUEN COLOR: Take care of the colors of the rainbow. The dining room has something for both eyes and palate. Photo: Sven Laurent

Designer palette

The hotel you have not seen

PROFILING: Pantone has agreed to use their easy-to-know pallet on a variety of consumer products. Photo: Sven Laurent

It is the two interior designers Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert who hatched the hotel’s pop-art-like pallet, which reminds a bit of Andy Warhol’s workers.

Orange behind

The idea of ​​this hotel I received when I noticed a panting Pantone bag eight years ago, Penneman tells me to

Over all

The color scheme flows through all rooms. The rainbow colors adorn both common rooms and hotel rooms, and it’s not easy to avoid being influenced by this color party.

Colors inspire

– Such color bombs in the interior can pull us out of the usual gray everyday life and lift us into a lighter, brighter mood. Happy colors radiate optimism and it is interesting that hotels are increasingly using decor, design and color, says social anthropologist Gunn-Helen Eye to

Pencil Sheets

The two designers considered the Pantone Hotel as a single, big white sheet. Then they earmarked a certain color for each of the seven floors.

Then they looked at each of the 59 rooms as independent artwork, as they decorated with shock colors and photographs by the Belgian art photographer Victor Levy.

Fluorizing Content

The hotel you have not seen

CLOTHING ON LIFE: With a sugarcake grill, this is a lounge area that you remember. Photo: Sven Laurent

The color palette used has features of both fluorescent and so-called dirty denominations.

Attractions in Brussels

  • Manneken Pis is Brussels’s reply to Sinnataggen and the small bronze statue is often referred to as a commentary to the changing world events. He is just off the square, Grand Place in the middle of the old town.
  • The 14th Century Grand Place is by many connoisseurs and historians voted the world’s most beautiful place. In the evening between 21. 30 and 23. 15, the whole area is highlighted in a fascinating way.
  • The Cartel Museum Center Belge de la Bande Dessine in the 20 rue des Sables is a must for everyone, young as old. Here you will find favorites such as the Belgian comic heroes Tintin, Asterix and Lucky Luke.
  • Atomium is a hundred and three meter tall metal monument, shaped as an atomic nucleus and homage to science. From the top there are great views of the city and the surrounding area of ​​Brussels.
  • Muse dört Modern, Galerie Royale Saint Hubert, Aroma cafe Lounge and Botanical Garden Royal are also places to visit.

These are colors that currently characterize both the interior and the motif image.

Place for the trendy

The British newspaper Independent called the Pantone Hotel to the first choice for the style conscious visitors to Brussels and Belgium.


If you do not get enough color in the interior, you can go down to the Pantone Lounge.

There you can order a Pink Champange Pantone 12. 1107 or a Daiquri Pantone 12-0435.

Sleep in color suit

All bedrooms also demonstrate where refreshing rooms with crisp white walls can be. The designs followed the widely used decorative rule that painting a room white makes it easy to change the place by adding almost any kind of color to the loose things; blankets, pictures and bedding.

The hotel you have not seen

WEIGHT DECORATION: Pantone’s well-known color samples are used as wall decoration. Photo: Sven Laurent

How to create a shadow zone

Simple grip gave a new living room

The hotel you have not seen

ARTICLE: Abstract photographs signed by Belgian photographer Victor Levy adorns all bedrooms. Photo: Sven Laurent

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