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The green sweeper rescues your brushes

Neida, you do not have to throw the brush when you finish painting.

The green sweeper rescues your brushes

Maybe you are tempted to try out one of the hottest color trends of the year?

Once you’ve found the perfect color and got the right brushes for your job, it’s good to know how to clean the equipment as best as your job is done..

Paint rollers allow you to clean easily with the trick where you use the garden hose for help.

Good paint brushes are not cheap, so fortunately experts agree: You do not have to throw the brushes after finishing the job.

How to properly clean

According to the popular Danish housing company Bolius, there are many clever advice that should be taken to extend the life of the male equipment. Here’s how to propose that you clean the brushes:

The green sweeper rescues your brushes

GOOD AS NEW: It only requires a little effort. Photo: Colorbox

1. Clean the brushes in lukewarm water and soap until there is no more paint.

2. Remove solidified paint with a rigid steel brush.

3. Dip the brushes in the green soap, so the bust does not dry out.

4. Use the eye on the shaft to hang the brushes on a cord to dry.

Different types of paint require different washings

– If you painted oil paint and clean the brush, it is certainly worth taking the coarse washing of brush brushes for oil paint or in white spirits, explains painter Jens Petter Lunde to Bonytt. no.

– Then you can wash the brush a little more deeply into the green soap or dish soap.

Lunde explains that if the paint does not contain oil, the cleaning job is obviously a little easier.

The green sweeper rescues your brushes

Wax, paint, paint, stain

– If you have used water-thin paint, you will naturally use water to wash the brush as well.

Lunde has a smart tip for saving paint brushes:

– If the brush started to get hard, it can be saved by brushing gently with steel brush, explains the painter.

– Be careful not to tear up your hair so you do not tear up your hair.

Clean with water

– Most of the interior paintings you use today are water-thin, explains technical service engineer and painter Erik Bryng at Jotun to Bonytt. no.

– That is, it’s usually not easy to clean the brush in water after finishing painting.

The green sweeper rescues your brushes

The Worst Refurbishment Labs

Bryng still recommends Jotun Penselrens.

– This cleaner is mild, both in terms of the consumer, but also in relation to the environment and emissions.

– It may take some time and you have to leave the brush in the cleaner, and perhaps spin and touch it occasionally, but gradually it will dissolve and the brush on your brush will be as new again, he says about brushes that have been painted for a long time.

At Nordsjö / Akzo Nobel, Malemester Trond Riise recommends BioNafta when brushes are to be made free of paint.

– Of course, it depends on the type of paint to be removed, but we have good experience with BioNafta, says Riise to Bonytt. no.

Riise, however, is skeptical about saving paint brushes that have been painted for too long.

The green sweeper rescues your brushes

Find the right color for the wall

– When the brush has become rock hard, I would recommend that you invest in a new brush before you start a new job. You will certainly get a better result than if you paint a brush where the busts are not as soft as they should be.

Save the brush before it stiffens

To use the brush for several days is a trick to put it in water for the next session. Even with oil-based paint and paint, the water keeps the air away from the brush and does not dry.

On the forum of housing. no recommends a user to dip the brush into cooking oil to keep it soft until the next day and then pack it tight.

The green sweeper rescues your brushes

The toughest thing you can do with the interior right now

The same goes for green soap, we will believe a user in the forum.

Several also say that they put brushes that have been used with oil paint in the freezer for the next time it is to be used.

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