The furthest refurbishment staff

XL furniture for small rooms and black rooms with wrong lighting. Here are some tips to help you avoid the biggest losses.

The furthest refurbishment staff

First and foremost: Imagine floor plan before shoveling large or building new ones. It is the interior designer’s first and best advice.

Nancy Sporsheim from the design agency Madalon has seen several horror examples of hopeless plan solutions.

– I was on display in a housing that had a disastrous floor plan. There were two small children’s beds downstairs and a headroom upstairs. What should the parents with the children’s rooms down?

Everyone with children knows that it is inconvenient and it can be dangerous in case of fire and burglary. And when the children grow bigger, the rooms are too narrow as a youth room.

You can fix most of your losses. In this case there was a large basement next to the children’s rooms so that they could be expanded. A part of the basement hall and the hall could also be used for a parental floor.

The furthest refurbishment staff

XL FURNITURE. If you buy expensive furniture for small rooms, you have made a mistake. Large rooms like this, need big furniture and rugs. Photo: Espen Grønli

Cool outside, but not home

The furthest refurbishment staff

ADVISER. Nancy Sporsheim at the design agency Madalon emphasizes that the floor plan is the most important thing to avoid interiors. Photo: Private

A little thoughtful choice of materials is among the losers. What looks cool in interior magazines does not work at your place.

– Black bathrooms are tough, but you have to think about what function your bath should have. If you want a disco or cave feeling, yes, but then it requires extra good lighting, especially on each side of the mirror.

– Dark surfaces absorb the light and create an enclosed environment, while light surfaces reflect the light.

– It’s hard to get light in all the hooks in a dark room, which also helps the room to work less, says Nancy Sporsheim

More expensive afterwards

According to Lyskultur, the need for light changes with age. 60 watts normally last when you are 20 years, 120 watts when you’re 40, but do you run 60, you get up to 360 watts.

– Pay attention to this if you are going to build or renovate a property that will last for a long time. Make sure that there are enough light points on the floor plan from the beginning.

– I was recently in a new house that had the bright spot in the middle of the ceiling in the living room. The illuminated field was in the middle of the room, but usually it is not where we Norwegians furnish.

– To fix the fadesen, the residents had to hire an electrician to put outdoor lighting. It would have been cheaper and better if this was done during the planning.

– Lighting is an expensive investment, emphasizes Nancy Sporsheim.

The room is for use

The furthest refurbishment staff

LIGHTING: You do not need to make this mistake. The pendulum should be between 55 and 70 centimeters from the table top. Insert enough light points before building or brushing up, saving you money. Photo: Helge Eek

– What about the furnishing plan?

The furthest refurbishment staff

The toughest thing you can do with the interior right now

– If the room does not work properly, interior design is unsuccessful no matter what it looks like. You must feel comfortable in the room and it must work for your use, such as a reading space and a place you can put away from the coffee cup or glass. There must be good walking zones so you do not have to eel out in the room.

– Think about your storage needs early, you’ll never get enough.

– Dyed furniture tapes?

– I have been home with “proper” design furniture, but the residents did not feel comfortable. They could not put their finger on exactly what. In one case, residents chose to change furniture and use other colors in the room.

The result was successful, but expensive.

However, you can save such interiors more easily by painting or investing in new textiles.

Size determines

Other losers are the fact that residents buy rugged furniture for small rooms or vice versa when buying new furniture.

Small sofas disappear in large rooms with good ceilings. Tables and blankets must also match the size of the sofa and chairs.

Are you in the slightest doubt regarding floor plans or interior, it makes sense to talk with professionals before investing.

It can pay off in the long run.

How to Avoid the Most Common Losses

  • Planning Solutions

Think function, the home should work for everyone. Use floor plan.

  • Lighting
The furthest refurbishment staff

HIGH STORAGE REQUIREMENTS. Realize it right away, you never get enough storage space. Set more space than you think it’s good. Here are open shelves with space for curves. Curves under the seat bench also provide extra space. Photo: Espen Grønli

Is there natural light in the room? Pay attention to materials and what to highlight. Ensure enough bright spots early in the process.

  • Furnishings
The furthest refurbishment staff

The walk was three times as big

Looking at the architecture of the home, does it fit with big or small furniture? The interior of the room must work and meet your needs. Imagine placing furniture, and remember that you’ll never get enough storage.

  • Material Selection

Choose what suits you and your home. Do not be seduced by solutions that look cool in the interior magazines, but imagine your needs.

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The furthest refurbishment staff

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