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The furniture stands “all” do

Most people struggle to place a sofa. Here are some simple tips.

The furniture stands "all" do

The module sofa at the top of the wish list is in place. But the living room is too small and the sofa was too big. We will show you some simple steps to avoid the most common furniture bars.

The most common interior couriers:

  • Do not be seduced by beautiful and exclusive designer furniture that’s cool but does not fit your living room and your needs.
  • If you dream of a solid and welcoming sofa, but have a small living room, you should reconsider your desire. Choose furniture that will suit your room. A small sofa disappears in large rooms with a good ceilings. Large furniture in small rooms makes the room work less than it actually is, besides crowded.
  • Have a great view, do not put the sofa or the chairs with your back against it. The living room deserves the best view of the plot and you deserve to enjoy it.
  • You want to reshuffle, but discover that the bright spots do not fit. Do you have the opportunity to install many bright spots early in the process. It gives increased flexibility in retrospect.
  • Much mess? Realize it right away, you never get enough storage space. Invest in cabinets, shelves or storage facilities under seating furniture or benches to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Large living room, large furniture.

The furniture stands "all" do

Storstue. This living room requires large furniture. At the dining table there is a sofa with high legs on one side, Earnest from Slettvoll can be found in two different heights. Photo: Producer

If the room is large, the furniture should also be of a certain size. By the way there are no absolute must-do rules, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and that the furnishings are customized for your use.

The furniture stands "all" do

LESEKROK: A good chair by the window gives a nice reading light during the day. Read more about lighting at house lighting. no Photo: Manufacturer

Do you have a chance, you can place a sofa on one side of the dining table. You get a couch with extra high legs. The carpets in the living room dampen the noise in the room and make it luncheon.

Placing the lounge area in the middle of the room gives you a nice walk around.

If you create a reading corner, it’s smart to place the chair so that you can use the daylight. In a corner, you also avoid traffic in the living room corridors. In the evening, you need a directional light that does not blend.

Living Room in Form

An L-shaped living room is created to create delimited zones. Place the lounge area, TV room or library at the short end, dining room in the long.

The furniture stands "all" do

L-FORM: Here the dining room is located at the long end of the living room, while the sofa group is at the short end. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

In an elongated room, do not put the furniture against the walls. The dining room should be located near the kitchen.

The furniture stands "all" do

BLACK BACKGROUND: When the wall is dark like here, the TV becomes almost invisible when in use. Photo: Espen Grønli

– As long as the length permits, it is important to create vertical layout across the length of the room. For example, in a square living room you can place the sofa group in the middle of the room, interior designer MNIL Beba V. Holøyen in the intark studio. no

The TV hook may be placed in the darkest part of the living room. With artificial light behind the TV you avoid too much contrast between light and dark and the TV viewing becomes more comfortable.

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The furniture stands "all" do

KITCHEN: It is convenient to place the dining room near the kitchen. Here, the fireplace Rais serves as a natural space divider between the kitchen and living room. Photo: Producer

The furniture stands "all" do

GREAT PENDANT: When the room has a special shape, work with it, do not mind it. Here the oversized pendulum takes up the beautiful curved shape of the living room. The little pictures hang in groups on the wall, but not in the arch itself. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The furniture stands "all" do

ART LOCATION: Light-colored furniture does not compete with Håkon Bleken’s painting Scandal in corporate life. That the image is placed low on the wall creates intimacy in the right-hand room. The round table gets a nice touch of a blanket in the same shape. Photo: Espen Grønli

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