The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

The Bruserud family’s cabin looked like a mountain hut. After a large renovation, it has become bright and inviting.

The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

DARK: The cabin kitchen was dark with few colors and contrasts. Photo: Private

The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

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The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

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The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

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The four-year-old from Jessheim, outside Oslo, longed for southern Norway shelter and cottage by the sea. The dream was fulfilled when they bought a cabin in Øysang at Risør in August 2006. But the cabin had become dark over the years, and walls, ceilings and decor went into one.

– It looked like a mountain hut even though it is by the sea, says cottage owner Jeanette Bruserud. The family knew that they would flip up when they bought it.

It was important for Jeanette and the husband Petter that the renovation did not cost too much, so they should do the job themselves. In 2007, the refurbishment was started.

Brand new

In the kitchen, they would brighten the walls and ceilings, as well as paint the furniture and decor.

– The interior should be bright, but not entirely white, says Jeanette. It took almost a year to decide the colors.

Inspired by a reportage in an interior magazine, she decided on the color Reflection. Roofs, windows, doors and decor in the kitchen were painted, and the old pine table was replaced by a new oak. To the walls they chose Caffe latte.

– It was a bit of a male job with all the sticky paint that might have. Then there was a primer and two layers of oil paint, explains Jeanette.

The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

NEW LIFE: By painting the old decor light, the Bruserud family has received a new and summery expression on its cabin kitchen. Sauce skin from the wool source. no, lamps and kitchen towels from Home & Cottage. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Bright and summery

The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

LIGHT AND DELICATE: The new kitchen is bright and inviting with maritime touches of blue and brown. Crockery, crockery, pillows, tablecloths from Home & Cottage, blue towels from Bohus. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

One year later the cabin was ready and the difference was formidable. The kitchen now appears summery and bright. But there were no unforeseen challenges along the way.

– When the walls were finished with Caffe latte, we were not completely satisfied. The color was very similar to Reflection, and the difference between the walls and the ceiling was minimal. It was a bit annoying since we were there with many liters of paint purchased, “says Jeanette.

But they did not lose the courage for that reason. They brought the buckets and went back to the paint shop to seek advice. There they mixed up double color, so it became a bit darker.

The dark furniture also needed an overhaul to fit into the new bright surroundings. The base was painted in Reflection and the table top was stained with Herdin’s stained chestnut color, and then painted.


Colors from sea and sand were used on fabrics and accessories, to create the complete southern slope. The textiles on the curtains are from Fargerike Sletvold.

The fur kitchen can be so beautiful

MARITIME COLORS: Textiles and accessories in blue are a nice color scheme on the bright kitchen. Crockery from Bohus. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

The family Bruserud is very pleased with the end result in his kitchen.

– Special Reflection we think is a great color. We have also chosen to use several other places.

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