The first choice of caretakers

We have tested expensive and cheap high pressure washers.

The first choice of caretakers

About the Test:

TEST PANEL: Benny Ahssain and Kjell Magne Bergh. Both guards at Vaktmester Andersen.

TEST METHOD: Wash the high pressure pads on dirty trailer trailers and two types of woodwork. The sinks are tested without accessories. This is to only compare the effect of the actual flush properties.

When we wash is the job the nozzle does is a mechanical effect of the dirty.

It’s just one of four important components when something gets clean. The other three are time, chemicals and temperature.

In addition, the mechanical impact is enhanced if you put on a brush device. For example, we have washed wood without what is usually called a terrace mask, although this is a necessary accessory when you wash your wood gently. Similarly, we have only used cold water without soap after we have tested.

TEST SELECTION: Available high pressure washers in sales in regular, nationwide retail outlets.

All high-pressure arrows are rated on a scale of one to six where six are best. The machines are rated in two classes: big and small. Beyond that, the price has not been taken into account.

We have tested high pressure cleaners and we have let the professionals do the job: Two janitors. This is a job we would like to do, explained Benny Ahssain at Vaktmester Andersen in Oslo.

– Simply because we wonder the same self, who makes the best high-pressure cleaner? It’s ok for us to know the next time we shop for equipment.


We have picked out eight different washers. Six of them cost from 1500 to 3900 kroner. It is this category of washers it sells most of. In addition, we have included two smaller washers from Bosch and Clas Ohlson. They cost about 900 to 1100 kroner.


Stihl is a clear winner in the test. Here most of the time. The sink comes ready for use, with very good user manual. For ease of use, it is best in class, as well as doing a very good job on the washing itself.

Kärcher and Nilfisk follow immediately. Here we will emphasize the sound level at Kärcheren. Here it is possible to get away with a car wash without a bad look over the fence.

A machine that surprised the washer from Biltema. It hurts a lot and is definitely not a sink you start Sunday morning, but otherwise it has good capacity and is quite easy to use.. The 1999 price makes it a bargain.

Worst in the test comes the Hamron high pressure washer. “This is the laundry with the test’s poorest capacity. Here we wipe on all surfaces, “experts say. The Norwegian purchaser of Hamron does not want to comment on the test results.


Capacity and ease of use are the main criteria of the test. A good high pressure sprayer will do a good job on many different materials, and here’s not the highest possible pressure. Equally important is that the nozzle works as it should. It should remove dirt effectively, preferably with the least possible damage to the substrate.

Here you can easily wonder how many bars the manufacturer has provided. In the video you can see the difference between two washers that have given almost the same pressure (140 and 150 bar).

We have looked at the actual assembly and startup of the washer. Is there a lot of assembly that needs to be done or is the sink ready for use? Is the user guide simple and understandable?

If you use a high pressure spooler, you need to bale with a garden hose, a high pressure hose and a power cable. Each one has this potential to create irritation. Together, it becomes a total chaos.

Both when the washer is to be moved and when to use it.

Removability is important!

This means the laundry must be easy to move. Good wheels and long enough handles. The poorest in this test have wooden wheels and too short handles, the best tricks almost by themselves.

When the actual hose is to be rolled out, there are big differences. The poorest ones have a rigid hose with a bad drum system. The best have a smooth and good hose, a drum that feeds out the hose without effort, and a weight on the sink itself that makes it stand no matter how hard you move in the hose.

Two nozzles

Most of the sinks come with two different nozzles. The actual nozzle change occurs either with normal screw coupling or quick coupling. Otherwise, changing the functions on the nozzles nozzles is pretty simple and easy on all the sinks.

When everything is to be rigged, it is specially wrapped in the hose that can cause irritation. Here the drum must work as it should, and on the best sinks it’s a snake rider that makes the suspension easy and free.

Is the laundry cleaned so that you can hold it firmly with your foot while rolling it in, it’s plus in the book. Likewise, the power cable must be wound and stored on the sink without falling into the first dump and hanging when it is rolled in place. Simple storage with small outer dimensions is also something we give in addition to this test.

How we tested

In order to make a good comparison, we have limited the test to using the laundry without accessories.

When we wash is the job the nozzle does is a mechanical effect of the dirty. It is strictly just one of four important components when something is going to get really clean (more about the test method in the fact box next to it).

We have given the dishes a proper resistance: washing of nasty trailer trailers.

Here we tested the washer on two different and very demanding substrates. The once white PVC cloth was well impregnated with road kittens. Here the sinks should be effective without damaging the substrate. On the undercarriage we had to penetrate a millimeter thick layer of oil residue and road dust. In addition, we tested two types of woodwork: Standard impregnated and untreated.

We did not have the long-term washings and did not assess building quality.


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