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The extinguisher beeps and lights when it burns

The child lock device alerts the fire in addition to turning it off.

The extinguisher beeps and lights when it burns

The extinguisher beeps and lights when it burns

FIRE FIGHTING: The Fire Extinguisher Act is designed both for functional and aesthetic. Photo: Sigrun Vik

Norwegian design is more and more popular outside the country’s borders.

Young talents are the annual design contest organized by the Norwegian Design Council. Young designers participate, whether they are still students or have worked for a maximum of three years after completing studies. For the 19th consecutive year, the winners are elected, and two of them have designed products for the home.

– These products are distinguished by the fact that they each take their social responsibility in their own way, “says Project Manager for Young Talents, Eline Strøm.

Fire Extinguisher

Traditionally, the fire extinguishers have been red, round and not something you would have chosen to have in the living room. It will be different with Acta.

The idea behind the fire extinguisher was that it should be functional at the same time as it would not have to be hidden, says Sigrun Vik, who won the first prize in the Design for All in Young Talents class.

Universal Design

One basic thought of the device was that it could be used by anyone, regardless of age, technical knowledge and functional ability.

– Act is designed for easy and intuitive use, says Strøm, which emphasizes that universal design is one of the premises to reach the Design for All class.

Alerts yourself

But even though the red round shape is gone, there should never be any doubt that it is a fire extinguisher.

– In many homes there are wireless fire alarm systems. Act is designed to be associated with such a facility, Vik expands.

Then when the alarm goes, it also starts to sound in the device, and in addition it lights up.

The device is therefore easy to find even though it is dark, and maybe also smoky.


A third moment Vik was concerned with was the maintenance issue.

People are not as aware that a fire extinguisher requires regular inspection, so the idea is to sign up on a web page that sends a text message to your mobile phone every six months and alerts you about maintenance.

The device is currently unavailable, but Vik is working to associate with a manufacturer.

Coffee table

Erik Matzow won the third prize in Open Class for the coffee table Vend. He studies at the Architecture and Design College.

The idea was to create a table that could easily be stacked away, and that the reversible table top allows for an extra personal touch on the table.

– Vend has a clear environmental thought behind him. It consists of two materials, metal and wood, and is assembled without the use of neither glue nor screws. That way, it can easily be sorted, “says Eline Strøm.

Reversible table top

One of Matzow’s thoughts with the table was that you should not be locked in design.

– People can put their individual feelings on the table because one can choose how to look at the table top.


The table is also thought to be used in larger rooms with more tables.

– The table legs are designed so that they stand obliquely from the table top, thus stacking tables easily on top of each other, Matzow explains.

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The extinguisher beeps and lights when it burns

VENDBART SALONBORD: The coffee table Vend has a reversible table top, and in addition the legs are designed to easily stack together. Photo: Erik Matzow

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