The employees work in the window frames

Sterile or stylish? Judge yourself.

The employees work in the window frames

There are lots of very sizable architecture in Oslo. And this office is another example that the city deserves to be noticed due to innovative architecture.

The concept is about different types of gardens, but the result looks the most as if it was taken from a futuristic scifi movie from the seventies.

This is the new office environment for the user experience consultants working in Netlife Research in Oslo. The starting point was an industrial refurbishment in steel and concrete of over 1,000 square meters. Now the room has become a unique workplace for 38 employees.

When we were looking for a new office landscape, we realized how few untraditional ones there are in the rental market. We were looking for a room where we could sit in open countryside, but with alternative solutions. We do not necessarily need a desk and a chair that is in a fixed place for each employee. On the other hand, we wanted more areas for each zone, “said Elisabet Kullander, Head of Administration at Netlife Research..

The employees work in the window frames

One of three meeting rooms inside the convent garden. Photo: Ivan Brodey

The employees work in the window frames

Not easy to create an open and inviting office landscape when the ceiling height is below the normal (230 cm) and ventilation should be provided that makes the actual roof height even lower. To make a feature out of the walls, and to put a light stripe along the floor, helps in the feeling of space. It looks almost like the offices and meeting rooms float freely. Photo: Ivan Brodey

The employees work in the window frames

Bright and dark contrasts, steel and concrete, provide a touch of sci-fi feeling to this meeting room. Photo: Ivan Brodey

More than average occupied by design

– Netlife Research wanted an untraditional division of the office landscape. We therefore shared it in various gardens that will inspire and accommodate different ways of working. Klosterhagen is a living room which in turn consists of three small rooms in the middle of the office landscape, says Arild Eriksen in Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter. He has, together with architect Joakim Skajaa, developed the office landscape.

The challenge with the room was that it had low ceilings and basically it was deep and dark. The ceiling ventilation system made the roof height even smoother. Therefore, we have used materials such as white natural rubber, white roofing surfaces and luminous boxes as space dividers to create light and ease. One thought, for example, was to create the illusion that the meeting rooms float, “says Eriksen.

– One third of our employees are designers, such as business we may be more than average concerned with architectural solutions. Our office looks absolutely unusual visually, but we are still amazed at how well the arrangement with just such a zone division works for us, says Kullander to Click Housing..

Garden and garden, Mrs Blom

The employees work in the window frames

In the kitchen garden there is a herb table with an old gardener lamp with a spotlight immersed over it. Photo: Ivan Brodey

The employees work in the window frames

This is the kitchen garden. Not so much green to track that gives the feeling of being in a garden, but a kitchen is there. Photo: Ivan Brodey

For an outsider, it may seem strange that the zone divisions are called “gardens”. There is no doubt that we are indoors. And the green element in the kitchen garden consists, for example, of a unique herb table with a spotlight over.

The employees work in the window frames

Here’s a man, not a hobbit

– This with the gardens is meant conceptually. Of course there is no doubt that we are indoors. But as the room is tight in the expression with a lot of glass, straight edges and sterile colors, the concept of the garden feels like a good way to soften the mood of. And in practice we have room for 40 for dinner in the kitchen area, so as a social zone it works very well, says Kullander.

A forest announcement at the office

To have a creative office, it should obviously be completed. At Netlife Research you are welcome into the forest information.

The employees work in the window frames

This is the forest lighting. Here Netlife Research holds meetings and presentations. Photo: Ivan Brodey

– Yes, in the lounge we have created what is called the forest lighting, with sofas and tables in strong green tones and columns in birch veneer, says architect Eriksen to Klik Bolig.

The employees work in the window frames

The entire family lives on 11 square meters

Visually, this green area works better as a garden concept than the kitchen garden. See the picture above. This space feels more loose in the shape. But how does it feel like working here?

– We have only received positive feedback from visitors, and we also experience the forest lighting as pleasant. Here it feels bright and spacious, and we often end up shrinking the lighting to make it extra comfortable. We are a social enterprise, so the overall impression is not as sterile as the pictures you have received. Here is a lot of people with newspapers, food and coffee cups daily, says Kullander.

Simple grip to exploit the area

The most eye-catching of the Netlife Research premises, however, is how efficiently the area is utilized.

– Everything we’ve done is simple, even if the expression looks radical. In a long time, which initially seemed useless as an office space, we put in seats with reading lights in the windows. It’s a small investment for the company, but the seating boxes create a lot of life in that part of the office, “says Eriksen.

The employees work in the window frames

Here was the challenge to make a long, narrow walk to utility area, therefore the oak boxes with reading lights were mounted on the walls. There employees can work on laptops or, for example, read. Photo: Ivan Brodey

So, do you really get more creative from working in these premises?

The employees work in the window frames

Built cabins in the apartment

– We feel privileged who get to work here every day, and at least experience this solution as very, very user-friendly, says Kullander to Klik Bolig.

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