The dream garden is packed with good tips

The garden of interior designer Tove Seberg stretches of colorful flowers, lubne bushes and a rustic staircase you have hardly ever seen. Here you get her recipe for cozy outside space.

The dream garden is packed with good tips

The dream garden is packed with good tips

Would you buy this hedge used?

The dream garden is packed with good tips

The plant that can withstand the drain

The dream garden is packed with good tips

This flower looks good from June to October

The dream garden is packed with good tips

The best hobbies

Tove Seberg believes that perhaps her best advice is to look at the garden in the same way as the interior of a room or whole house. This means that first of all you have to think through the way you combine the color-rich and the more neutral growths on.

A live rhythm

– And the secret is to get the right free mix. This is almost like architecture, says Seberg in Zett As to Bonytt. no. And a decisive step in this game is to create both an alternating rhythm and contrast in several places in the garden, she expands. This is what ultimately (after a good portion of experience and effort) creates a unique mood in the living room, the garden enthusiast believes.

The long and short lines

Seberg also has another passion associated with the creative work of the garden; and it is to create easily perceptible, long and shorter perspectives in the living room. Her own plot a good example of this point. She decorated the living room and the living room so that from the inside the living room the living room on the ground floor became tempting to peep out and follow the garden’s waves with the eyes.

Cool in evening light

This special viewing experience is enhanced in the evening when a number of discreet night lights create sparse lysoases which in turn give depth to the terrain right outside the family funcus house on Oslo west. She has placed some spotter at ground level, others at knee height. Some light up, some down – and the end result is almost magic.

A Zone of Well-Being

The dream garden is packed with good tips

EXCLUSION IN SPECIAL CLASS: The outdoor kitchen with unloading surfaces at different heights is powered by two steel cassettes with biofuel. Grue and top plates in clay stone. Photo: Espen Grønli

At the end of the garden she creates an authentic kitchen with plenty of space for cooking in the open air. Here is the open fire driven by two biofuel steel cassettes a straightforward and effective solution to having when meat is fish to be cooked.

Clay and claystone

The kitchen, which is at an appropriate arm’s length from the dining table, is made up of Leca blocks that were peeled and white flour. Both the pit and the work table were partly clad with clay tiles. This is a beautiful Norwegian stone material that keeps warm on the heat. The style of this kitchen with the associated pergola is by the way the same as in the main house; senfunkis.

Create your own highlights

Otherwise, Tove had the garden area so that it accommodated both groups of plants and shrubs in large and small beds – or in their own jars. It is not possible to get out of the way a little higher. They are very important, says the designer. Seberg uses both high straw and some potted trees to decorate the garden’s top level. In addition, she takes some growth into the house during the winter and fits them well, including watering until they are ready for planting.

Lower level with lilies

In addition to these highlights around the garden, Seberg emphasizes sharing the vegetation in level. Here there is both a top and intermediate level of roses and an almost mark-covering layer of climbing roses, lilies and lush, thick-leaf perennials.

Long-range Lavender

The low, lubricous and fragrant lavender beds that sled alongside and delimit the large gray terraced plateau are by the way a distinctive sight in Seberg’s lush villages.

Furet, weathered

The dream garden is packed with good tips

LAVENDEL RULER: Stiff and fragrant lavender valleys form a soft, rolling transition to the rest of the vegetation in the Seberg garden. Photo: Espen Grønli

The silver-gray terrain plot is made of planks in a hard-hit. And it has not been dealt with any thing since it was new many years ago. Then the material gets this weathered expression. The blue-violet lavender cubes around the wood paneling form a soft transition – a natural escalation from the terrace floor and towards the higher vegetation that dominates the plant.

Other Plane Options

Another interior designer in the capital, Tove Meldgaard, can show the use of another, sensational terrain plank system.

The stairs are a find

From the parking lot just off the main road you go up a spectacular staircase built of both lying and standing lumber. The steps are made of rusty cobblestones. This upturn has been standing for several years and it seems totally unaffected by the tooth of the time. In other words, it has passed its test.

The dream garden is packed with good tips

SUPPLY OUTDOOR: Tove has built up the beds with a big variation in the size of the growths. Photo: Espen Grønl

The dream garden is packed with good tips

THE WORLD WORLD: The hardwood in both the railing and the bench is untreated. This gives the wood a silver gray patina. Two spotters are mounted on a steel rod. One turns up, another lights down to the ground. Photo: Espen Grønl

The dream garden is packed with good tips

RAW DESIGN: The rustic ladder steps up from the parking lot in front of the house and to the highest level of the plot; patio. Photo: Espen Grønli

Rustic Frame

The dream garden is packed with good tips

PLEASURE SUNS: The outside room has several zones that you can retreat to. White recliner chair from Ikea. Photo: Espen Grønl

– In addition to the fact that this rustic garden with associated crops is functional, it also has a task like garden architecture. It forms a varied framework for access to our outdoor areas, commenting to Tove Seberg.

In and Out Space

The development of this area also occurred in line with changes in the function house. The point was to get the garden so visually close to the house, and especially the living room as possible, says Seberg. Therefore, there were also some smoking in the rooms inside the main house.

Butterfly flower and other favorites

The one meter tall butterfly flower is the family’s favorite favorite.

– We humans do not notice that it smells at all, but it makes all imaginable summer birds swarming around the whole summer, says residents.

The dream garden is packed with good tips

OVERVIEW: The over one meter tall butterfly flower is a beautiful plant that all kinds of insects love the scent of. Photo: Espen Grønli

The dream garden is packed with good tips

TRAPP TO TOP: The cool vegetation is a nice welcome on the way up to the terrace. Photo: Espen Grønl

Another inspiring feature in the Seberg Garden is an orange so-called daylight. The name is because it blossoms only one, only day throughout the year. And this unique phenomenon, the residents rarely miss.

The dream garden is packed with good tips

A clear plan: – I think a garden should interact with crops of different colors and heights, “says Interior Designer Tove Seberg in Zett AS. Exciting sight lines are also a plus. Photo: Espen Grønli

News every year

Although Tove Seberg believes that she has found a suitable basic range of plants in the garden, she does not manage to buy any new, blooming plants every season. These small additions are like the dot over your i-one.

Maintenance is important

In order to preserve the lushness of the garden, owners have put in so-called sweat hose in all beds. They are so much at home in summer that they once in a while turn on the water pressure when they notice that the growths need a little extra weed. This usually lasts.

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The dream garden is packed with good tips

LIGHT IN DARK: Strategically placed light points from Eurolys provide depth and perspective to the living room. Photo: Espen Grønl

The dream garden is packed with good tips

THREE GREEN LEVEL: In the upper part of the garden we see how Tove Seberg thought when she decorated the garden. At the top of the tree there is a logged tree – so come high-rose pink roses – and the bottom layer down to the ground is formed by decorative climbing bags. Photo: Espen Grønli

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The dream garden is packed with good tips

VELDISPONERT: The kitchen is located at the end of the elongated garden. Photo: DRAWING: T. Seberg Zett AS


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