The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

Tired of pulling mud and dirt into the house?

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

The rainfall brings spill and dirt into the house. Here you will find good advice on keeping your home clean.

Head of Department in Teppeabo, Per Erik Engh, explains to Click. no that it will always be beneficial to use doormats to stop dirt and moisture from entering the house / building.

– The effect depends on the size of the mat, or how often you get stuck on it. The more the walk, the better the effect.

– We recommend having a mat that scratches well outdoors, and a mat that absorbs moisture indoors.

Indoor mat

For outdoor use, Engh is in charge of a plastic door mat to effectively scrape dirt and dirt.

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

ASTROTURF FOR OUTDOOR USE: This mat is sealed in the bottom, which makes dirt and moisture lying in the mat and does not penetrate and damage the substrate. The mat is easily cleaned by flushing and stored in seven colors. Photo:

Indoor door mat

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

ALL SKITTEN: Large, black rubber mat with holes that effectively collect debris and fast. Easy to clean on a regular basis. These are available in many varieties. This comes from AJ Products. Photo: Producer

One of the benefits of having a mature indoor is that it will catch dirt and bacteria. And you do not have to look at it.

– For indoor use, you can easily go for a simple solution, explains Engh.

At many manufacturers, you can order mats in custom sizes to fit perfectly with the floor of your hallway.

Effective with door mat

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

COLLECTING DRIVE INDUSTRIAL: According to the dealer, this is a special mattress for catching dirt in the entrance areas. It can be flushed, scrubbed and cleaned. The back is rubbery and made so that the mat is stuck on the floor without stubs. Photo:

In the video below, you will be able to explain how effective a door mat may be to keep spillage and dirt out.

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

Dangerous to not clean this

Shoe brush in the hallway

– Shoe brushes outside the entrance door, where you can brush off one shoe, is a smart choice, interior designer Signe Schineller has previously stated to Click. no.

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

PRACTICAL: Shoe brushes where you can brush off one shoe is incredibly convenient. These are also available in many editions. Photo: Manufacturers

And if you do not want to make the shoe brush yourself, there are many different models on the market.

The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

– Midd lives among other dead skin cells

Closed doors remain dirty

According to the Reader’s Digest consumer site, dirt and dirt like moving on, stop dirt by making it a habit to keep doors, drawers and cabinets closed.

This will keep dirty in the open, where vacuum cleaner and mop will be easier.

Advice for wet pets

The site also has some clever tips for you who struggle with wet and dirty pets.

Be sure to have a clean door at the door so that it is easy to dry off muddy labs and claws.

Once a week, take the dog outside and give the coat a proper fit with a suitable brush. Remember to do this well away from the house to prevent the hair from getting into the home.

Have animal hair on the rug or floor?

If you have a dog or cat, you know how fast hair can accumulate. According to Samsung’s website, a nice and healthy home may require you to vacuum daily. A vacuum cleaner with different nozzles as where to remove hair can be a very effective tool.

– Sometimes you have to brush with a brush to get it out of the carpet, explains general manager of Eziclean, Jan Thore Engen

A cloth roller is also a good tip, but it takes some time.

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The door mat trim keeps mud and gravel out

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