The difference is 6000 kroner

The most expensive rocking chair costs 6000 kroner more than the cheapest. Guess which one is most expensive!

The difference is 6000 kroner

The chairs are quite similar, but some differences are. The two cheapest are delivered flat packed, while the most expensive will be assembled. The most expensive also exists in several designs, and it has a set of leather. The two cheapest have a seat in textile. The most expensive is designed by a famous designer – James Morrison for Habitat. Whether or not the difference is worth paying $ 6,000 is up to you!

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Lilleberg in birch, drawn in the fabric Grassboat white. The back is adjustable, so you can sit straight or in the rest position. The chair is easy to keep clean with detachable and machine washable features, and is available in several designs. Delivered flat pack, b 68 x d 94 x h 85 cm.

Kr 895, Ikea.


The difference is 6000 kroner

The cheapest rocking chair. Photo: Manufacturers

Solid wood is stained with light gray microfiber cover. Also available in lacquered wood with striped textile. Delivered flat, b 73 x d 60 x h 70 cm.

Kr 1399, Ellos.


Rocker is in clear-colored oak and white leather, and can also be available in dark brown oak and brown leather. It was designed by James Morrison for Habitat. Comes fitted, b 60 x d 84 x h 75 cm.

The difference is 6000 kroner

In the middle layer. Photo: Manufacturers

Kr 6890, R.O.O.M.

The difference is 6000 kroner

The most expensive rocking chair. Photo: Manufacturers

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