– The cottage is like an outer garment

The cabin of architect Reiulf Ramstad has received a lot of attention. Perhaps because it eliminates the distinction between inside and out.

- The cottage is like an outer garment

- The cottage is like an outer garment

SOURCE: It was in fact the harsh coastal nature and the local climate that was the source of the design of the house, says architect and homeowner Reiulf Ramstad. Photo: Kim Müller

I concentrated on solving the basic tasks of eating, sleeping, washing and being together

– I looked at our cabin at Pappenøy as an outer garment, a protective cover for wind and weather. Based on this, I made the building body slim and bumpy. The rooms had to be quite small and / or slim so you almost always get the feeling of being out when you’re in, says cottage owner and civil architect MNAL Reiulf Ramstad.

Atrium in the middle

The small, line-lined building with the great panorama over the sea and horizon stands on poles directly on a mountain plateau and has a wooden structure stiffened with steel elements.

But it’s the outside space – the atrium with the sensational geometric shape – which attracts the most attention.

The grip with a conical base plan gives us an outside space that shields against the sea breeze. It also allows us to experience more layers of space in a row, “says the architect.

From the inside, one looks at the outside room, the atrium, which in turn targets another inside of the other side of the house.

This overlap between landscapes and landscapes forms the framework around the project and reflects the wish that nature should become the crucial part of the house.

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Continuous Space

Therefore, Ramstad also made the figurative wooden plates on the mountain.

These also help the discreet, silver-gray house further fuse with the environment.

- The cottage is like an outer garment

SOLVARME: The family cabin is used spring, summer and fall and has no heat other than the sun gives. Photo: Kim Müller

The light comes from all sides in the summer.

– It’s almost no night here, says Ramstad.


Inside, the cabin is made as a coherent room with small sleeping and sink shutters.

All interior walls and ceilings are covered with untreated birch plywood, while the floors are in solid wood birch.

The kitchen is made like a niche right in the wall with a large steel plate to the back wall.

Reiulf Ramstad has also drawn the rest of the décor, and it has become both simple and affordable. He has avoided creating a striking style expression.

The bench with cushions on and drawers during breaks to rest, and the long table that accommodates both residents and guests has a solid plywood top.

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Oak Exterior

Outdoors, it is mainly used oak because of the harsh climate prevailing on the plot.

Take care of the beautiful

– In my view, the cabin areas must not blow up to the huge to give them good working qualities, “says Reiulf Ramstad.

– I often think the opposite happens; You make too large material masses that lead to inappropriate use.

Neither should you take away the beauty that basically meant to build a cottage there. It is a problem that, with excessive appetite on square meters, we build beautiful natural areas – you kill what you love. Today’s massive leisure home development often works briefly on me.

Oak costs a little extra, but there is less maintenance and maintenance costs.

The untreated wood outside will also cheer over time, matching the matte, smooth-cut mountain the cabin is on.

The family cabin is used spring, summer and autumn and has no heat other than the sun gives. The building is insulated in relation to its use, but is designed for winter insulation and has natural ventilation.

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