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The cottage dive that suits you

Now the guys have to sit and pee.

The cottage dive that suits you

The cottage is the most critical technology we have in the cottage. Without a working solution, the cab ride will be destroyed.

Click. No has previously written about how to find the perfect cottage dawn.

The dealers now tell them that they have almost stopped selling cottages without urine separation.

It is clever to separate the urine from the toilet waste, “says Endre Pedersen, Sales Manager at Hyttebutikken..

This means that the guys need to fit in properly.

– Five out of six quizzes are in order to urinate. Do you have biodo, this method gives less volume to handle, less odor and faster degradation of solid waste. Do you have a combustion toilet, you increase the capacity significantly while saving electricity or gas, he explains.

The cottage dive that suits you

Sit down: on many biodoes, urine separation is integrated in the upper part. Then the guys must be seated when they are peeing. Photo: Producer

– When we sell new biodoes, it is always with separation, usually integrated into the actual do.

If you want combustion, the solution is its own urindo or urinal. This can also be combined with what you already have.

Here’s how the different types of toiletries work

The cottage dive that suits you

Combo: There is a combo solution. Incinolet combustion toilet combined with urindo. 29 990 kroner. Photo: Producer

The cottage dive that suits you

Urindo: Or separate urindo from Urinova. 6990 kroner. (to the left). Cinderella has its own urinal that can be hung on the wall. 6990 kroner. Photo: Manufacturers

Biological Toilets

It is considered the most natural and environmentally friendly way to handle the waste. The plant must be sturdy, durable and have the least electronics and moving parts. If you mount it properly and provide proper ventilation, you also avoid odors. Biological toilets are divided into large and small systems. The big ones have the compost container under the floor and the toilet seat inside (see drawing). The small systems have toilet and composting built together in the same construction. It is placed on the floor of the toilet room. Current Models: Vera, Snurredassen, Mulltoa, Rotasep, Biolet, Separett. Prices: from $ 8,000 to $ 30,000

Low-flush water toilet

If the toilet is to be flushed with water, it is important that water consumption is as low as possible. These toilets are usually used together with a plant that cleans the drain or a dense tank. There is also water toilet in combination with composting solutions. Low water consumption simplifies the cleaning process or increases capacity if you have a tight tank. There are ordinary toilets that use around 2.5 liters per day. flushing, and vacuum or mill toilets that can flush as little as half a liter per. time. Current models: Gustavsberg WC duo, Jets, Ecoflush, Aquatron Price: from 5000 kroner for sole chair, to 26 500 kroner, Jets basic package.

The cottage dive that suits you

Biological Toilets Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

Urine toilet

Urine toilets are intended for urine only. From the toilet, the urine leaves for a separate cleaning solution. They are used together with other restrooms. Combined with water toilets, you will significantly reduce water usage. Combined with a combustion toilet, you reduce power consumption greatly. Combined with a biodo, there is less demand for vaporization of liquid and the capacity is increased. Current Models: UriNova, Uri Cindy, Ifø Cero Price: approx. $ 7,000

Combustion Salons

The cottage dive that suits you

Low-flush water toilet Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

The principle is that the toilet burns the waste so that the residual product becomes pure ash. They can be powered by electricity or propane. Due to the stringent safety requirements naturally required for this type of toilets, there are currently few models to choose from on the market. Current Models: Cinderella, Incinolet Price: from 23,000 to 33,000 kroner

Dryclosets and Chemical Toilets

Only collect the waste, which must then be deposited or emptied in suitable places. They are best suited for cottages where you need to increase the capacity for short periods. It is important that the waste is deposited properly so that it does not pollute. Current Models: Porta Potato, Campa Potato, Bio Toi Price: from 1000 to 2000 NOK

The cottage dive that suits you

Combustion Salons Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

Do send sms when tank is full

If you have low-temperature water toilet attached to a tight tank, you can get notifications by SMS when the tank is full and must be emptied. If you make an appointment with the crash company, the message can go straight to the caravan. A level sensor located at the top of the tank triggers an electrical signal that is transmitted via a cable to the alarm system inside the cottage or dwelling. A supplied SIM card placed in the GSM device sends a call alert message to the pre-registered phone numbers. Perfect for cottages used by several families, rental cottages, campsites and more. The system can be powered on 12V or 230V power. Price at Hyttorgorget: 4950 kroner

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The cottage dive that suits you

Combustion Salons Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

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The cottage dive that suits you

Dryclosets and Chemical Toilets Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

The cottage dive that suits you

PREVIOUS PACKAGE: The system consists of GSM device with SIM card, 15 meter cable and power adapter. Photo: Producer


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