The coolest house in the woods

In the forests of Østerdalen, the architects have been playing with nature.

The coolest house in the woods

The coolest house in the woods

New exciting interior images

The coolest house in the woods

Is this the northernmost crucifix?

The coolest house in the woods

Dream hut that takes your breath away

The coolest house in the woods

Maybe Norway’s most beautiful cottage

Builder Gunnar Bloch Røsand wanted an eye-catching single house that took the greatest consideration of the beautiful reinlavvegetation and the pine pines on his great natural habitat in Os i Østerdalen.

Hake leak in the middle of the forest

The young architects in Huus and Heim Architecture took him to the floor, and until they reach you, you’ll get almost the crush of this little (85 sqm) right-wing house – the “cathedral”, as the builder himself calls it.

The coolest house in the woods

FRIENDLY AND ENVIRONMENTAL VISIT: The house is a sensational place in the middle of the forest, all the north of Østerdalen. The housing is located in an environmental area where the municipality offers inter alia connections to district heating systems for those who establish themselves. To the south, the house has a sliding door and west opens large windows and a double door the house against the light and the terrain. The landscaped areas are reminiscent of old swamps and stable cages. The dry climate in Østerdalen means that the outer coating of malmfuru can be left untreated. Photo: Home and Home Architects

The coolest house in the woods

IN HEIGHT WITH TRETOPPES: Parts of the main room in the house has double ceilings and a messanine on the second floor. It is situated at the height of the tree tops and from it it has magnificent views of the surroundings. Photo: Home and Home Architects

Terraces to two sides

The tiles on both ends of the building are pulled a bit in and thus it becomes a terrace high raised above the terrain at both ends of the house.

From here there is an overview right in the Østerdalsnaturen, as well as shelter for wind and weather.

Necessity in the Highest

– The building is clean in shape and with scarce detail. The rough material use makes the house go well with traditional wooden houses in the area, says Aslak Hanshuus (1974) architects and Børge Opheim (1978) to click. no

Beta of light

The coolest house in the woods

A HIGHER: Unusually large window area provides proximity to nature and incredible light effects inside the house. Parts of the main room have double ceilings. Photo: Are Carlsen / Huus and Home Architecture

The owner, who is an artist, is captivated by all the lights that the architectural design of his house opens for.

The coolest house in the woods

DETAILS: The open interior makes it possible to enjoy exquisite design and construction features like this. Photo: Home and Home Architects

And from time to time, he can wait for the blue sky, the transition between day and night while sitting between the fire from the oven and the dramatic light cut from the tall windows.

– Sometimes I feel like the trees come straight into the living room, he says.

Forest’s Cathedral

It was exciting to start the dialogue with the young architects, Gunnar Bloch Røsand thinks.

He got a house with completely different qualities than he used to.

– But despite the modern style expression and the big windows, this house is excellent for the old buildings around here in the Østerdalen.

– The exterior is the building dressed with the Malmfuru barn panel. Due to the dry climate it can be left untreated.


High on Architecture

The builder is glad that he dared to let the architects make the house as high and bright.

The coolest house in the woods

Photo: Home and Home Architects.

However, this did not prevent him from moving deep into the woods when the house was finished.

Poetry Veranda

The messoon that floats over the main room is a matter for yourself.

Upstairs the owner looks at the tree tops just outside the house. He calls this point of view for his poetry spirit.

It is because he told the architects that he would like a haven, a private porch to read a word and write a little.

Details that count

He also appreciates the special details that the architects have hatched.

Of his favorites is the visible bondage in the walls.

It also utilizes an ancient construction technique where the walls of the bearings are fitted with studs and wedges – without the use of nails.

Own efforts

The owner has done something on the house himself too. He has designed the kitchen interior, and the sky he has fired on his own.

There are many who comment on the little “big” house in the woods.

It has become common to call it a forest’s cathedral or a jewelery.

The coolest house in the woods

Photo: Huus and Heim Arkitekter

But with the many openings and outputs, seven pieces in the number, could it just as well be called a revehi?

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