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The coolest garden furniture right now

There is not much to do until the old hammock is a new and delicious kosekrok.

The coolest garden furniture right now

Hammock really means hammock, but in Norwegian we use it about haggvierer, ie benches that are hung up to swing.

Find your perfect place in the garden, either a cool shadow or in the sun. If you hang the hammock in a tree, make sure it can withstand the weight of it, plus a couple of adults.

Make the place slim by tucking it in with some flower stews at different heights.

Place a small relief table next to the coffee cup (and the book when you fall asleep). Some groundflowers in a cute vase give a good summer atmosphere.

It is best to store the hammock in the winter. If you do not have a chance, you should get a waterproof cover. This protects the furniture from rain and moisture, even during the summer season.

The coolest garden furniture right now

THANKS NEW: A manila sofa hung in a rope gives a hammock something out of the ordinary. Photo: Helge Eek

From the manila sofa to the hammock

The coolest garden furniture right now

STRIE: Old striesekker from the postal station will be found in good retail stores, antique stores and some online stores. Photo: Helge Eek

A manila sofa has gained a new life, something dissipating properly. The owner has tied a coarse rope to the sofa and hung it securely in a large tree.

A quilted blanket makes the thigh like a pillow, and the nice shapes of the sofa are emphasized by some round pillows, which are also nice to have in the back when sitting and enjoying the garden.

From scratch to raw Nordic nature

An old wooden hammock has been there for years and years. The woodwork has been washed well with green soap, and it has got a new roof of cotton bag and cotton fabric. The fabric is attached to the ceiling frame with stapler.

The pillows in the seat are square fabric cushions, while the large pillows in the back are made of two old mail bags.

The unrest on each corner of the hammock is made of driftwood found on the stand. They are threaded on a tendon.

From the 70s to Romance

The coolest garden furniture right now

NORDIC NATURE: This has been out of the wind for years before it became a well-deserved makeover. Photo: Helge Eek

A metal hamock has got a new thank you in a cozy fabric. One edge of an overcoat is sewn to one side as a sunscreen.

The seat pockets are a summer dime with a white lining up, tripled and the backrests are separate. Old crocheted pieces and fabric pieces are parties to the pillows, to give them a romantic and personal touch.

Text on pillows and ceilings is made using metal templates and textile showers.

The coolest garden furniture right now

ROMANTIC: The old hammock from the 70’s has become romantic and inviting. Photo: Helge Eek

Larch loses most of pine

The coolest garden furniture right now

MUCH AND GOOD: Lots of pillows and blankets provide a soft and comfortable rest area. Photo: Helge Eek

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