The coolest cabin in Valdres?

The architects wanted to showcase how a cabin in massive wood could look.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

The small, hilly cabins still win terrain in the cabin market, and with a good architectural hand, the result can be very good.

Blending this trend with new material uses, among other things, grows the cabin that the village architects have created in Bagn Vestfjell.

– We had access to a cabin site in this area and wanted to try out our own ideas about how a cabin should look and build. In addition, we wanted to try out how the use of solid wood would work, “says civil architect Mikael Øvergaard in the village architects to click. no.

The desire to try out massive wood as a building material is related to the fact that the village architects were starting the business Norsk Massivtre in 2008.

– In addition to this we also had a philosophy to put the least possible ecological impression, explains Øvergaard.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

KEY CONSTRUCTION: With this floor plan you can sit inside and look in and out. Photo: Landsby Architects

– Cabins do not have to be big

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

The tired cabin at Kragerø was turned into a beautiful country house

Kosekroken, which the cottage is called, is just under 50 square meters. This was made conscious because 50 m2 is the limit of the building rules’ requirements for insulation.

– But there would be a need to expand the cabin, it would be easy to build an annex, explains Øvergaard.

– But our opinion in general is that cabins do not have to be big.

Opens Nature

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

COMPLETE SOLUTION: On 50 square meters you have space for two bedrooms, combined kitchen and living room, loft, bathroom, hallway and sauna. Photo: Landsby Architects

The cabin is constructed at an angle, with an opening towards nature, while it is closed to a road that runs on the backside.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

The garden of this cabin was too pretty

There are two bedrooms, shared living room / kitchen, hallway, WC, shower, sauna and loft in the cabin’s scarce 50 square.. At the corner of the cabin there has been space for a terrace that creates a good transition to nature and surroundings.

The terrace that fills the square of 8.7 x 8.7m square is expanding the cabin’s living room – out in the open space “, the architect’s website Ecobox writes in its mention of the cabin.

Created something unique

Øvergaard says that they want this cabin to be a prototype for a new cottage concept.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

BAKSIDEN: At the back of the cabin there is a road, and therefore the cabin was partially closed on this side. Photo: Landsby Architects

– And there are several cabins that are built in massive woods. Some of these cottage owners have also made blogs about their project.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

ECOLOGICAL EXPRESSION: The architects wanted to construct a cabin that made the least possible ecological impression. Photo: Landsby Architects

Øvergaard feels that his architectural office has created something unique.

– I find that the cottage is very down, and it is one of many responses to new challenges in terms of ecological impression and sustainability.

Small but spacious

“Good utilization of the area and simple insulation leads to a reasonable entry key for the cabin market, but the cabin still has everything needed in a cabin,” writes Ecobox.

– Although it is a small cabin, we would like a sauna, says Øvergaard, and emphasizes how the cabin due to the high ceiling is still perceived as spacious.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

REMOVAL: Because the cabin is under 50 sqm, it is not covered by the insulation requirements of the building regulations. But even if it’s just a wood-burning stove for heating, the heat warms up in the walls and creates a good warmth. Photo: Landsby Architects

The roof moves from the lowest level at the terrace and backwards to its maximum height of just under four meters.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

Mountain hut in Folldal

Another way of life

The cabin’s simple construction is also reflected in the equipment level. There is neither water nor power in it, but with propane and solar cells it is maintained an acceptable level of comfort.

– We have propane for fridge, freezer, cooking and water heating. The solar cell gives us the reading light we need, and for heating we have wood burning stove, says Øvergaard.

They currently have water with them, but are considering establishing a facility for handling rainwater.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

MASSIVE: The mass reconstruction is clearly visible inside the cabin. Photo: Landsby Architects

– We experience it as valuable and charming with a way of life that differs from everyday life, remarks Øvergaard.

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

Splendid architecture in beautiful nature

Without lists

The solid slabs are without joints and the inner walls are slotted into the massive tree. In addition, the windows are laid on the outside of the constructions. Overall, the entire building is free of linings and lists, and it “helps to get a visible sectional area facing the glass, which helps to uncover the solidity’s solidity and the design of the cabin, as Ecobox writes.

The cabin has a 1.5 million price tag and makes it an interesting project for those who want a modern cottage at an acceptable price, as Ecobox describes: “Good utilization of the area and simple insulation leads to a reasonable input key to the cabin market “.

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The coolest cabin in Valdres?

MULTIPLE GLASS: The cabin consists of over 40 percent glass. Among other things, it gives the opportunity to have a good view of nature and the patio, where they have placed a design grill in the outer corner of the room. Photo: Landsby Architects

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The coolest cabin in Valdres?

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The coolest cabin in Valdres?

Photo: The Village Architects

The coolest cabin in Valdres?

Photo: birgitte Landsbyarkitektene


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