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The color for those who are tired of white and gray

Not beige, not gray, but something in the middle.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

Norwegians are far above average occupied by interior is not a secret. Nowhere else in the world do you spend as much time and money thinking of interior, interior decorating, reading about interior, interiors and blogging, yes, just; interior.

And if you are concerned with all the trends in the interior, yes, you should bring this color trend, which has not only made interior lovers soft about the heart but has also taken a step in both the fashion and beauty world.

Go for greetings

White – and all possible variations of color – have been trend color No. 1 for Norwegians living room walls. Not only is the color as neutral as neutral can be, but it makes it relatively easy to change the small details and details to achieve a new and different expression.

But neutral and easy must not be white. Now the favorite color has met its strongest competitor. Say hello to greige.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

A LUN SEE: Warmer than white and more exciting than beige; Greige is convicted of being a hit in the interior world. Photo: Fargerike, North Sea

Warm and welcoming

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

This is what the teen will decide for himself

– Greedy and simply a blend of beige and gray, explains Solveig Grøvle, one of the founders behind the popular interior blog platform, Norwegian Interior Blogger (Nib), for Boligdrøm.

– The color has the whims of beige because it’s a little red in it, and the neutral gorgeous of the gray color, all in one color.

Grøvle believes that some of the reasons why many fall too greedy are that you might have tried gray walls when you gradually became slightly tired of white – but thought that the color might be a little cool.

– Many gray tints tend to be a bit cold and may end up adding a cool feel and a slightly masculine feel to the room, explains the interior expert.

This avoids greedy.

– Greige is a good, warm and inviting color that feels both timely and comfortable. Gray with red tones, which becomes a so-called and feminine powder color. The winter does not feel as cold with greige.

Want something more exciting than white

– We’ve probably become a bit more tired white eventually, explains creative leader in the interior chain, Fargerike, Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth, to Boligdrøm.

– Not because white is not beautiful, that’s really. But Norway is in a strong and positive drive during the day, Norwegians are enthusiastic, and with good use of color we can enhance those feelings.

Thurmann-Hoelseth believes Norwegians long to surround themselves with colors again.

As a nation, we have historically been very happy in color, so the first decade of the 2000s has been very atypical for us, explains the color expert.

– We are now coming back to our colorful roots, and it’s great to embrace color again.

Interior designer and color designer at Nordsjö, Tale Henningsen, agrees:

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

PERFECT TO THE MOST: Greige fits nicely with both wood and other colors, both clear and more “dusty” tones. Photo: Fargerike, North Sea

– I certainly believe that Norwegians are looking for something more exciting than white. We have seen white and gray for a long time now, and with a color like greedy you get a change – without the big change.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

This is how the bedroom looks like in autumn

Henningsen thinks many people like the shyness and the security of neutral tones – and that with the best you get the best of two worlds.

– One manages safe and famous neutral tones, yet gets a new and certainly more trendy room.

Interior expert points to the color forecast Nordsjö published almost two years ago, Colur Futures.

– At that time, we began to see trends against these tones, Henningsen explains.

– And at this year’s Gift and Interior Fair, which was recently organized, warm gray / beige tones were a clear trend. The same were natural elements and elements of everything that has to do with nature. And these look amazing with greige.

Clothes, nail polish and living room walls

It’s not just the interior enthusiasts who have fallen in love with the IT color. The dice and trendy shades have appeared on everything from nailcoats to leather jackets and handbags lately.

– Fashion and interior become tighter and tighter as the years pass, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– From runway to home are popular posts by style bloggers, and it is clear that the two inspire each other.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

THREE BREAKS BETWEEN MOTE AND INTERIOR: The manufacturers of nail polish have been aware of how delicious this color is a while already. NP, the trip has come to the interior world. Photo: Housetohome. co. uk / manufacturer

Interior expert explains:

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

Last September!

– Greige is a color that has been on our radar for the last 5-6 years. We have seen that it is a color that slowly but surely comes as a strong challenger to both white and gray.

Allows us to influence trendy interior brands

– For me, this is the “Ferm Living Color” above all, explains Grøvle about the Greene phenomenon.

– A few years ago, they came with products and stylings that used this soft, duse and delicate color tune. And now the color is used by all the major Danish interior manufacturers, such as House Doctor, Tine K and Bloomingville.

– We may say that the first beige was replaced with white, which was replaced with gray and which is now switched to greedy.

Fits most of the time

When you are so busy with Norwegians as replacing pillows, blankets and high frequency furniture, yes, it may be worth having a background that is not only in neutral tones but also in A color that fits the other things we think is beautiful.

– Greige can easily style and look nice with both pastel and damped soil colors, explains Grøvle.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

MOTEFARGE: This is the IT color experts believe we are going to embrace in the fall. Photo: Colorful and crushculdesac. tumblr.com

– And it is clear that there are some women most interested in interior care. In addition, the color is perfect accessory for both three-white wood and teak, which are some of the great trends on furniture at the moment.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

COLOR SPECT: Dagny Thurmann-Holseth is creative leader at Fargerike. She believes Norwegians are ready to embrace more colors. Photo: Colorful

– Greige fits most, Thurmann-Hoelseth thinks.

– It’s crazy beautiful against lavender tones, but also pure white, military green and, for example, kelly green. It is simply up to you which colors you want to combine it with. It has the characteristics of a neutral color. The only shades I would have avoided against this color are certain shades of yellow.

Thurmann-Hoelseth explains:

– Modern color palettes tend to break previously set rules, and we are now quite free to create the expression we like best. It may seem complicated to begin with, and then it may be sensible to stick to the nearest color stores to create your completely private color palette specifically designed for your home, your personality and your needs.

Henningsen agrees:

– 60’s colors like deep red and petroleum blue, which also come back strongly in both the fashion and interior, look amazing with greedy.

The color expert explains:

– Colors that are a bit “muddy” appear more clearly when viewed against a neutral tone, and these to greige are amazingly delicious.

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

WHAT HAS A FOLLOWER: Gray / Beige – Greige – Has the elegance of gray and lunacy of beige. Photo: crushculdesac. tumblr.com and Apartment Therapy

Everything but boring

The color for those who are tired of white and gray

VERY 2013: Super blogger Solveig Grøvle believes that many will embrace greedy this fall and winter. Photo: Solveig Grøvle / Norwegian Interior Blogger (Nib)

If you think that you are neutral, you should think again, according to Thurmann-Hoelseth.. In any case, when it comes to greedy.

– This color is an exciting hue because it is warm and comfortable, and can be both elegant and cozy, explains the color expert.

– Greige gives a warmer expression than gray, but cooler than beige. In short, it has the best features of both gray and beige. You get gray’s elegance and beige’s warmth.

On the other hand, many people think that many people will get their eyes on the trend color in the months to come.

– The color feels international, a little 50’s and just right for 2013.

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The color for those who are tired of white and gray

TRENDY: The color is already a hit in the world of fashion, now we are going to have fun on the wall too. Photo: Apartment Therapy and North Sea


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