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The cheapest wood you buy here

We have checked the price of many suppliers of birch wood.

The cheapest wood you buy here

Now it’s getting colder! Time to think about wood.

But where in all the world is all this delicious wood you should have stacked nicely for the longest time ready for firing in the living room?

Are you of the type who postpone the purchase of the gradient begins to show blue, you may want to spend a few minutes checking the prices at different retailers before swearing the money at wrong deals.

Buying for energy reasons should keep you away from the gas stations, “says Rune Østgård, editor of Norsk ved.

He believes a 60 liter sack of birch wood should be around 70-75 kroner in today’s market.

Steer away from gas stations

And in our pricing of birch woods, it’s just as Østgård concludes, one should stay away from the gas stations.

Our survey shows great price differences, because while Esso at Sogn in Oslo requires 99 kroner for a 40 liter sack of birch wood, Montér Ragnar Næss asks at Stabekk outside Oslo for only 55 kroner for the same sack.

Shell at Frogner in Oslo will have 140 kroner for a 60 liter sack of birch. You get the same bag at almost half the price, 75 kroner, at Lystad Gård in Nes on the Roman Empire (possibly. Shipping will be added).

The cheapest wood you buy here

You do not light up this way?

If you have more bags, you can pay off the car and drive a little hour out of town.

Cheaper, the farther out of the country you come

At most major warehouses on the outskirts of the city is the price for a 40 liter bag plus minus 60 kroner, which gives a prize of NOK 1.5. However, if you have time to go a little further into the country and shop at a farm, the price drops to about 75 kroner for a 60 liter bag, which gives a liter price of 1.25 kroner.

The cheapest wood you buy here

7 alternatives to the baskets

With the suppliers outside of the world, you often also buy larger volumes of wood, and then the price drops further.

The Vedsentralen Gjøvik, for example, takes 725 kroner for a 1000 liter sack. That means 72 øre per liter by.

Most outsiders suppliers take an additional charge to drive the wood home to you.

Check prices here

NB. The case goes on under the table.

The prices below are obtained 16. 11. 2012, and unless otherwise stated, they are free of shipping. We make reservations for errors or price changes.

The cheapest wood you buy here

This renews the entire room








Oslo, Kielland’s place


109 kroner


Oslo, Sogn


99 kr


Bergen, Åsane


79 kroner


Oslo, Frogner


140 kroner

Tyrived (buckwheat) 140 crowns for 40 liter


Oslo, Vækerø


59 kroner


Oslo, Winner


60 crowns

1400 kroner for 1200 liters (30 bags)

Mount Ragnar Næss

Oslo, Stabekk


55 crowns

490 kroner for 400 liters (10 bags)

Mountain Farm

Akershus, Vestby

Bjørk, chamber-dried

95 kroner incl. home delivery

Oslo Central Station

Oslo and surroundings


69 kroner incl. home drive (minimum 12 sacks)

Lystad farm



75 kroner

Bolstad Forest

Lower Roman Empire


75 kroner

1000 kroner for 1000 liters

Hojen Farm

Bodø, Olderid


750 kroner for 1000 liters


Bergen, Åsane


49 crowns

Selbu By

Trondheim, Selbu


75 kroner

950 kroner for 1000 liters

Vedsentralen Gjøvik



75 kroner

725 kroner for 1000 liters


Oslo, Sogn


99 crowns

Always check the sound of the wood

According to Østgård, there is one thing you should always check when buying wood.

– The most important thing is that it’s dry so you can fire it in the oven. The best way to figure this out is to beat two cubes against each other. Then you will hear a sound and not a dump sound. In addition, you can look at the wood, there are often more drips in the sheath in dry wood than in raw, says Østgård.

If you suspect you bought wet wood there is a trick you can do to uncover this.

The cheapest wood you buy here

How to keep the cold out

– Do you think you’ve gotten rough? Do you check this by putting a woodpecker in a tight plastic bag, tie it back so it gets clogged and put the bag on the heating cables in the bathroom or in front of the fireplace. Then it will soon begin to fall inside the bag if the wood is raw, says Østgård.

Different units of measurement – confusing for buyer

If you have previously tried to orient yourself in the wood market, you may have encountered some confusion when it comes to the target unit used. 60 or 40 liter liter bags are the most common device, while many retailers also operate with favn, cubic or pallet.

This makes a price comparison difficult and somewhat confusing to the consumer at the other end. The Consumer Council advises you to check the Norwegian customer before purchasing, in addition to putting you in a kind of wood and how to find out if it is dry.

– Buy the wood before you start to freeze your toes. Then it’s usually the cheapest. Examine the market carefully before ordering. Check online and listen to friends where you get the best wood. Check if the wood is dry when you bring it to you or before you buy it and remember receipt, “says Martin Skaug Halsos, Communications Adviser in the Consumer Council.

Profitable and myriad

Both in an environmental and profitability perspective, wood burning is a good supplement to other heating, provided that you have not used an old wood stove manufactured before 1998. Almost half (49 percent) of all wood burned in 2010 was burned in furnaces with new technology.

– Knowing is a renewable resource, as long as you do not take out more than it grows up again. It produces low CO 2 emissions, and is environmentally friendly as long as you use a modern burning stove. Stay away from the older furnaces, these can cause some particulate emissions that contribute to local air pollution, “says Trond Paasche, energy consultant at Enova Svara.

Easter advises you to avoid buying at the coldest days of the year. Prices then tend to creep upward as the stocks are emptied.

– If you have a new wood burning stove, it’s only to fire in your way. If you’re also good at planning and shopping in at large quantities, maybe a little early in the year, wood burning will soon end up being a cheaper option than electricity, says Paasche.

The oven on the right saves you 15 bags at

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