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The cheapest apartments in Oslo

Get out of the inner city and get a three times big apartment for the money.

The cheapest apartments in Oslo

Affordable apartments in Oslo

At Lambertseter you can get 24 square meters for 900,000, including common debt.

At Bjørndal you can get 65 square meters with a balcony and garage for 1,190,000.

At Mortensrud you can get 59 square meters of large terrace for 1.5 million kroner, including common debt.

At Holmlia you can get a 4-room apartment of 92 square meters with a balcony for 1.85 million kroner.

At Stovner you can 92 square meters with two terraces and a garage for just under two million kroner.

Housing shortages and sky-high housing prices in Oslo are a familiar theme. Young people who want their first apartment are struggling to meet equity requirements and to manage high mortgage loans.

But if you manage to be a little open to mind and take a look in the less hip neighborhoods, you can still get a lot of money for your money.

A quick search on finn.no shows that you get more housing for your money by moving a little out of the ring 2. Lower costs also give more money to spend on more fun than debt.

There are actually still apartments that cost less than 1 million kroner. Friday 15th of March there was only one apartment on Finn.no – a 1 bedroom apartment on Lambertseter (see fact box). This has a price of 850,000 (907,000 including public debt) and is just off the subway which takes you right down to the city center.

For similar apartments on Sagene and Grunerløkka you have to pay close to 1.4 million kroner.

Cheap Outside Center

If you have 1.5 million dollars, you can secure apartments of around 60 square meters if you’re willing to control the trendy sites.

Director of DNB Real Estate Agency at Mortensrud, Haleem Wahid, believes many underestimate areas such as Søndre Nordstrand and Furuset.

– Søndre Nordstrand, Grorud and Furuset are all close to land and public communications and are growing. There are examples of great places that are underestimated by many and where you can still get a lot of money, “says Wahid.

Åge Pettersen, communications manager at OBOS, advises people on housing hunting to check the areas carefully before they start and bid.

– There may be large price variations within a geographically small area. But the most affordable areas in Oslo are Søndre Nordstrand, Furuset, Ellingsrud and Romsås, says Pettersen to click.no.

He thinks there are more and more who see the good qualities of the urban centers in the capital.

– Some areas, such as Lambertseter, lack larger apartments. But apart from that, the site is very popular and has risen in price in recent years.

The cheapest apartments in Oslo

HEARTH AREA: New Lambertseter Center is a factor that has helped to make the area more attractive and thus more expensive. Photo: Active Real Estate

The cheapest apartments in Oslo

UNDER THE MILLION: The price benefit of just over NOK 900,000 includes public debt and central heating. Photo: Active Real Estate

Less cheap cities

The price statistics of the Norwegian Real Estate Association speak for themselves. The districts Søndre Nordstrand, Stovner and Grorud are Oslo’s cheapest cheapest districts with an average price of between 30,000 and 32,000 per square meter. For the whole of Oslo the average price is NOK 45,317. The most expensive villages are Frogner, Nordre Aker and Ullern.

– There are fewer places in Oslo where you can get a lot of money. It is cheaper in Groruddalen and on Søndre Nordstrand, as it has traditionally been. Other places like Sagene and Torshov were reasonable a few years ago, but have now risen. There are fewer places for the big barges, says Svein Strømnes, communications manager at NEF.

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