The cabin’s front can be opened to nature

The architect designed a cottage that was stingy on land use, but generous in space. It has become a wonderful architecture.

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

This cabin should really be used at

The intention to put the least possible impression in nature is governing many cottage projects. This includes focusing on minimizing size.

This cabin outside Stockholm is 60 square meters and is mainly built in larch.

For 25 years, architect Camilla Schlyter has observed how the digital aids have shaped the architecture, good and bad.

She believes that one of the negative consequences of digitization is the excess land use both inside and out.

– In addition, it often lacks respect for the environment, she writes in an email to

These experiences she wanted to realize through a cottage project outside of Stockholm.

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

PROTESTHYTTA: The architect wanted to create a cabin that was a correction for the excess land use inside, which she believes is a consequence of, among other things, the untimely use of digital tools. Photo: Luc Pages

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

COMPLETE THREE: The cottage is made of wood, with larch as an outerwear and pine in the travel and in doors and windows. Photo: Luc Pages

Respect for Site

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

Knausen became part of the cabin

According to Schlyter, the starting point for the project was to build a cabin with respect for both the past and the future. This meant, among other things, making the action in nature as small as possible.

No blasting was carried out and no trees were felt.

– It proceeded to find optimal protection from wind and wind, and also create a balance between the need for massive light and minimum energy loss.

Local Craftsmen

Another step taken to make the ecological impressions the least possible was to allot local craftsmen

– A local supplier of materials was responsible for producing outerwear, windows, doors and kitchen fittings.

Pine and larch

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

ECOLOGICAL EXPRESSION: One of the main principles of the cabin is that it will slide as much as possible into the environment, and not one tree was chopped or a stone blown away. Photo: Luc Pages

The entire cabin is a wooden structure, from travel to outerwear.

Furu is used in the travel industry and in doors and windows. The outside is the cottage clad in larch, which is cut into various dimensions and shapes.

Schlyter says that three is chosen, among other things because it has a positive health effect, is recyclable and has an energy efficient production method.

In addition, three are a very suitable material for tailoring.

There has also been a deeper thought from the architect’s side using both larch and pine.

– Using more woods, this contributes to biodiversity, in the sense that it creates incentives to plant different species of wood where you have untouched old forests.

Architecture as Landscape Form

The challenge for the architects was to combine the shape of the landscape with the owners’ demands and wishes.

– The most important thing was to shape an architecture that created an extension of the cabin without making the physical area and volume bigger, says Schlyter.

Lodge – Stockholm

Built: Fall 2009

Location: South West of Stockholm

Entrepreneur: Allerskog & Krantz AB, plus local subcontractors

Construction: Dahlqvist Snickeri AB,

Engineer: Concrete Advisory Engineers in Stockholm AB,

Architects: Schlyter / Gezelius Architectural Office AB, by Camilla Schlyter

– In addition, we wanted to create the experience of seeing but not being seen, hearing without being heard and being together but still alone.

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The cabin's front can be opened to nature

SCREEN SUMMARY: All items in the cabin are customized by local craftsmen. Notice the curved corner to the left. Photo: Luc Pages

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

ESTETIC: The outerwear is cut with different widths and shapes. Notice the end of the corners and around the windows. Photo: Luc Pages

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The cabin's front can be opened to nature

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The cabin's front can be opened to nature

OPEN OPP: Using sliding doors, the cabin opens up to the surroundings. The stairs in the back edge go up to the bedroom in the built-in. Photo: Luc Pages

The cabin's front can be opened to nature

CLEAN LINES: The cottage is characterized by clean lines and sober use. Photo: Luc Pages


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