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The burglars’ ten favorite items

But do not believe that it is not stealed. And this is the top ten of the burglars.

The burglars' ten favorite items

According to statistics from Finance Norway (FNO), housing violations rose throughout 2012. So if you have a personal interior you do not want strangers to grab in, you should take care and make sure that the burglary deals with it..

In this connection, it may be ok to know what the burglars are looking for so that you can make sure it’s hidden and not easily visible through the windows.

– Stealing more valuable items than before. There is every reason to be on duty and secure the property well, says Communications Director Leif Osland in FNO (Finance Norway, which is the banking and insurance companies industry organization), red. anm) to bonytt. no.

He points out that the thieves are largely traveling and spend time tanning before they hit. Many of the thieves are effective and quick both to break in and leave the homes.

Portable Electronics and Gold

According to an overview the insurance company If has made, it is portable electronics that are most popular with burglars. In addition, there are expensive sunglasses, brand clothes, passports and cash.

Our experience is that gold and jewelry are also very attractive to burglars, “says police inspector Kjell Johan Abrahamsen to bonytt. no. He was former leader of the Police Project Limitless.

The burglars' ten favorite items

– I’m writing in your burglar alarm

– Everything that’s easy to bring and easily negotiable has the focus of the burglaries.

– Do not use trays as hiding places

Abrahamsen says that burglaries often take a good time when in a home.

Generally speaking, it’s hard to say how long they spend, but from web camcorders we see that they often take time. And they mainly depend on the places where people traditionally hide valuable objects, such as in drawers, he expands.

Therefore, people should be creative when they hide their valuables, and we have several examples that if the burglary finds nothing valuable in the traditional places, he sticks again.

– Take a picture of the valuables

According to Abrahamsen, many of those who commit home burglary are so-called mobile winning criminals, and these send out largely thrown out of the country.

The burglars' ten favorite items

READ BASIC: The burglars take a good time when they are in a home. You should be creative to find good storage places for valuables. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstock.com

This chases the burglary

These are the burglary favorites:

  • Portable Electronics
  • Jewelry, expensive watches and silverware
  • Digital Cameras
  • Handheld computer games
  • Music players like mp3 and Playstation
  • Laptops
  • New mobile phones
  • Precious sunglasses
  • Merkeklær
  • Make
  • Cash

Source: If

– But often we arrest them together with thieves, and if the homeowners have documented the valuables, it’s a good opportunity to get them back.

Our advice is therefore to make sure to photograph their valuables or document them in another way.

– Market destroyed by power lines

But if you were to visit a Norwegian winning criminal, there is a good likelihood that he will not be interested in your consumer electronics.

– My impression, when I speak to Norwegian winning criminals, is that they have given up to steal consumer electronics, information workers at Oslo Prison, Knut-Erik Rønningen, say to clicks. no.

– They simply mean that the electricians have destroyed the market because consumer electronics prices are now so low that there is no gain in selling such loads.

Rønning’s assumption is that consumer electronics are mainly stolen by mobile winning criminals who take the goods out of the country and sell it there. And that’s an impression that is confirmed by the police.

– I think it may be right that electronics are mostly sold outside the country, “says Kjell Johan Abrahamsen.

Money and Card

According to Rønningen, he believes that the Norwegian winning criminals are mainly looking for cards, money and other things that are easily negotiable.

– My impression is that most of the Norwegian winning criminals are addicts who need money for the next dose.

The burglars' ten favorite items

Insurance companies’ worst horror images

– I also perceive that Norwegian winning criminals are usually drug addicts. They steal much different, also money and cards. One should be aware, however, that mobile winnings are overrepresented in the case of pickpockets, “explains Abrahamsen..

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