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The books hang right on the wall

There has appeared something we can soon call a genre within bookshelves, which shelf is simply made of books. Also called book-book shelves.

The books hang right on the wall

The books hang right on the wall

SUPERBAND: A bent metal plate, that’s all Photo: Manufacturer

The books hang right on the wall

LAY IT ALSO: There are many doing the self-variants of this shelf. Photo: Instructables

The books hang right on the wall

USE: These are books that should really be in garbage after a book sale. Photo: Not Tom

The books hang right on the wall

EVIGHETSHYLLE: Here you can link books into the unfriendly. Photo: Studio Aisslinger

The books hang right on the wall

Raw design in small apartment

The books hang right on the wall

This was just a European

The books hang right on the wall

Make a cool lamp of goldfish and a jug

The books hang right on the wall

Avoid horror from savepare

Book shelves are on their way back to Norwegian living rooms.

Bookshelves in all variants and price ranges are regulars on Click.

Here we talk about shelves that are cheap and easy to set up, and the idea has inspired both design studios and do it yourself – enthusiasts.

Completely invisible

Shelf on the right side is designed by Miron Lior and you can buy it online for less than $ 80.

The entire shelf is a metal bracket. It turns you into the wall, then you pull on the bottom book and stacks in the way.

This may not be the solution if you need to install an entire library.

Even to places where you often have a couple of three books, such as the kitchen or the bedroom.

Create it yourself

At Instructables, you can find at least one recipe for how to make it yourself.

You must sacrifice a book, the rest is made of materials you probably have in the drawer.

Rescued from trash

Design studio Not Tom has designed this shelf. They say that the idea came then how many books were thrown. The books used here should actually go into trash after a book sale.

Infinity shelf

This variant is designed by Studio Aisslinger.

It’s strictly not a bookshelf but what they call a Wall Unit, or a room divider. The smart metal clutch unit allows you to pair the books and create an eternity shelf.

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