The best tips for a easy-going garden

With a basic plan for the garden you save a lot of work.

The best tips for a easy-going garden

The best tips for a easy-going garden

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The best tips for a easy-going garden

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The best tips for a easy-going garden

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The best tips for a easy-going garden

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The worked garden of architect Tord Kvien lies at his grandmother’s house in Nordkjosbotn in Troms.

For many years, the beautiful ornamental garden has passed to Tord Kviens grandma.

This development would have nothing to do with the architect, and he went to full action with new garden architectural plans, heels, shovels, bark, gravel, robust crops, wheelbarrows and knot plastics.

And the reward was huge. Here he shares his best tips for a easy-going garden with you.

The best tips for a easy-going garden

After the ship’s roof I did a few years ago, including landscaping and establishing large, uniform beds with local growth, now the garden requires far less supervision and maintenance than before to keep up, says architect Tord Kvien. The sculpture in the clay stone he has chopped himself. Photo: Private

Think big

The best tips for a easy-going garden

STORE; PLEASE BED: Inspired by the English Sissinghurst Garden, Kvien made a big bed with only large white growths. They stand a distance from the white house and they are both beautiful to look at, as well as lasting and easy to keep track of. Photo: Tord Kvien

The best tips for a easy-going garden

EVENTLY: The conscious mix of imported and local growth gives the garden in Nordkjosbotn an adventurous color scheme. Bed and hedges are organized in many places with deck bark and knot plastic. Photo: Tord Kvien

– You can save a lot of work by planning the design of the garden and the garden for a longer perspective, says Kvien to Click. no.

He even gained much inspiration, both for easy organization and “operation” of his garden in Balsfjord in Midt-Troms, by a visit to the famous British Sissinghurts garden in Kent.

White all over

Here, among other things, he got the idea of ​​making large, contiguous beds planted with white flowers.

– Choosing the same kind, a nice and robust species over a larger area in the garden, facilitates purchasing and maintenance, believes the owner.

Black top spot

In order to keep gravel paths free of weeds, you can put underground gravel, thus black crust plaster, under the gravel.

These are the animals than non-woven fabrics that many also use, but it is more solid and lasts for many years.

Crash Plate as Standing Edgewall

Cut the tape to the tape, approx. 20 cm tall, they can be used as hidden walls between bed and hedges.

This solution is both pretty, saves cutting edges and prevents bigger roots from going into bed steals nutrition.

The top of the plastic is placed at the terrain level.

Decorate with forest bottom

Whole flakes of forest floor can also be cut and lifted out of the terrain as large “teppefliser” and laid on the ground in the garden – where you do not want the lawn. Such flakes are incredibly beautiful to look at, and they are maintenance-free. But they can not stand in a hurry.

Keep the original

Be aware that there should be no other types of growth during such creative forest flooring.

In that case, they would only grow up through the heather and disturb the original vegetation.

Sustainable local growth

The best tips for a easy-going garden

TIME RESERVING: Parts of the garden are earmarked flowers and herbs. Organized this in wooden cassettes like this, with one room for each growth you get both overview and a system that is easy to maintain. Photo: Tord Kvien

The best tips for a easy-going garden

CREATIVE FLACES: On areas like this, without plants below it may seem to lay entire flakes of woodland. They are decorative and maintenance free. Photo: Tord Kvien

The best tips for a easy-going garden

CONTRAST: Towards the house, the owner has planted some colorful “bombs”. They form a nice contrast to the whole white house. Photo: Tord Kvien

– I have chosen to use a variety of local hardy plants, perennials and hedges. These are very robust and last year after year, also through the most extreme winters here in Lyngen. Then you never have to dig up crops and plant new ones still away and it’s very work-saving.

The best tips for a easy-going garden

DREAM SPECIALIST: Local crops like rose root are dry-drying plants and they must not have laborious watering in dry periods. Photo: Tord Kvien

Withstands drying periods – without watering

These well-proven crops, including rose root, are so well adapted to the local climate that they can withstand the drying periods we have in between in summer – without irrigation. This also saves me a lot of time, says the owner.

Be selective when designing the lawn

Avoid too many free-standing plants in the lawn another one of his advice.

The best tips for a easy-going garden

ON KRYSOG TVERS: A sensible walkway system is about to take shape around the entire house. It provides ever-changing visuals and experiences. They are covered with a gravel of local gabbro-stone. With knotted plastic below, the gravel roads are kept maintenance free. Photo: Tord Kvien

It’s very time consuming to cut around these little islands in the middle of the grassy steppe.

Do not go too large fields in the garden where various single plants stick through the gravel deck.

Managing Way With Way

Do not fertilize your lawn too much. Then it grows even more and so powerful that it requires even more clips. This causes you unnecessary extra work.

One way is enough

The best tips for a easy-going garden

SMART LOCATION: If you put single plants into a large gravel surface, you do not have to cut the grass around them. It also saves you time. Photo: Tord Kvien

The best tips for a easy-going garden

HORSE WITH SPENST: Kritthvite, big and robust growths and other green attractions surround the magnificent North Norway nature. Tord has a whole bed with only white flowers. They are labor-saving. Photo: Tord Kvien

– I fertilize only in one round with dairy compost and lime in early June. It is buried a bit down the ground around the plants.

The best tips for a easy-going garden

WANT PLANTS FUNCTIONS: Tord tested a number of wild flowers and perennials, and the turret was one of those who took their new role as the garden plant best. For the grass to not get too lush, the lawn is fertilized only once a year. That is enough and greatly facilitates the lawnmower work. Photo: Tord Kvien

Hedges are lawned by lawns

– I demarcate the most fragile hedge plants, such as roe sprout with grassland. That means I cut shots from rotters in the lawn.

Stop all growths

Large pebbles and gravel canals can of course also make use of as delimiters of slightly unreal growths that grow easily.

Market Decker 1: Bark

– Otherwise, I use bark in rause porsches that mark over larger arals. It prevents seed strain from establishing itself. This makes the entire area of ​​my garden totally maintenance free.

Market Decker 2: Gravel

Pebbles and pebbles are also used as land coverings in special places, sometimes with non-woven fabrics. This solution requires clearing of leaves and twigs by hand each spring.

The best tips for a easy-going garden

MARKET CARE AND MAINTENANCE MATERIALS: Bark is a nice, neutral ground cover that saves you clipping and lawn care. In addition, Tord has made what he calls a terrain fan of powerful, maintenance-free materials. Photo: Tord Kvien

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The best tips for a easy-going garden

CULTURE WITH “GAMMAGAGSE” PLANTS: Classic, color-absorbing plants belong in the creative mix of Tord. Here is orange against big, crisp white bed. Photo: Tord Kvien

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The best tips for a easy-going garden

PASS YOURSELF: Provide space for idyllic oases that suits themselves. Tord blew new life into the old garden lamb, and both that and the powerful vegetation around require minimal work. Photo: Tord Kvien


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