The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

On these nine blogs, you can brag about smart tips and original solutions for your home.

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

It’s always exciting to make some changes at home, whether it’s small or big changes. And there can be just a few simple steps to put the dot on your i-one.

The best part is that stylish interior does not have to cost so much.

However, it is not always easy to know which interior and what solutions are involved in lifting your home. But a lot of bloggers have done a thorough job of looking forward to smart and original, and most of it can be done in a handshake. Maybe you also have an empty weekend you can use to refresh your home?

Here we have collected eight blogs that offer lots of smart ideas and inspiration.

Colorful blogger

On the Brigg blog, you can romp yourself into fun solutions. The blogger shows himself a lot of his own colorful home, and it is abundant of festive solutions, and the best part is that reuse goes like a red thread in this home. You will find many great ideas gathered under “Do it yourself”. Among other things, she has created a version of this bookshelves from Lau Design.

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

A LOT OF HEART: Shelf shaped like a bubble is some of the blogger Brigg shows on his blog. Photo: Brigg

Gathering from other bloggers

More bloggers gather in addition to their own ideas, smart tips from other bloggers, and preferably international too, so by being a bit active in the big blog universe, you can easily get ideas for renewal.

At Brigg you also find the fun idea of ​​creating your own little house in the children’s room. Guess if it fits the mini. Inside the house you can, for example, create a cozy bedroom. The idea has Brigg taken from Young Blood.

Cool idea, right?

Completed, industrial and natural

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

SLAGS ON THE BARNEROMMET: Create your own house in the house. This is from the blogger Young Blood. Photo: Young Blood

The Moa and coffee cup blog also has many fun and fun solutions to offer. The whole blog is so well-designed, it simply gives us lots of inspiration. A simple tip from her home is to decorate a piece of driftwood on the dining table. On top of that you can put cube lights and a small bowl – and you’ll have a good mood when you have dinner parties.

Buying art can quickly go hard beyond your wallet, and sometimes it’s allowed to cheat a bit. We simply have the sense of affordable art for the wall.

So what about making art of a sheet from a copier? Let it get some light when you copy, so you get the soot on the sheet. Then use a yellow marker pen and write what you may have at your heart here and now.

Starred over the dining table

Mad fly highlights our list of blogs with the best ideas. The blog is stylishly prepared and much in the combinations black and white. How about making a party table like bathing in stars? On a stripe over the table she has attached stars. First she made two templates in cardboard, one big star and one bit less. You only need a bit of thick paper, wire and scissors.

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

EASY GREP: The blog Moa and the coffee cup make it easy to inspire. A piece of driftwood on the table, as on the left, freshens up. Self-composed, simple “art” springs on an industrial cabinet. Photo: Moa and coffee cup

“To create girlander I sew over each star with a sewing machine, and pull out some thread after each star to get spaces. This can also be done by hand. You do not need more than a pair of stitches on each star to get together. And when everyone is attached, just hang up with a couple of pins on the ceiling or on the wall, “she writes on the blog.

Playing solutions

Weekday carnival is for great inspiration. What about making a homemade pink-corded lamp – or painting the kids room in cool colors, as in the picture below?

Beautiful vintage

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

STAR CLEAR: Mrs. Fly has so many exciting creative projects. Make a star over the dining table next time you get nice people to visit. Photo: Mummy Airplane

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

DUS SOFAKROK: A nice decorated sofa bed certainly makes the use. Tape up your favorite images, cards and nips with tapes on the wall, as above the couch. Photo: Mummy Airplane

Also look at the blog Holmberg. More thorough and well-designed blog you should look long after. The blogger shows many exciting crooks and hooks from his own home with aesthetic and fun solutions. What about something as easy as putting the stack of your favorite magazines right on the floor? The blogger has a home with a lot of vintage, and the leaves on the floor contribute to a relaxed and cool atmosphere.

A worn concrete or brick wall is in time like never before. It’s allowed to cheat a little if you want the industrial feel too, there are actually wallpaper that looks like concrete walls. A green chair and some tough pictures attached with tape on the wall give the room a distinctive touch.

We are also happy in the blog Fjeldborg – an old house decorated with fresh colors and smart solutions.

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

LAMP WITH SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: This lamp is so tough. A picture collage on the wall behind gives the living room a personal touch. Photo: Weekday Carnival

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

FIFFY CHILDREN: What about dividing the wall into two with two colors and zigzag pattern? The bed is also guaranteed to match the smallest ones. Photo: Weekday Carnival

Strong colors and flea findings

In an old wooden house near the fjord, blogger Ifralahell lives – and through the blog, the decorator shares pictures and ideas from her own home and other inspiration she comes across. The blogger herself says on the blog that she is weak for concrete, wall, painted wood floors, new designs, flea fits, nice chairs, strong colors and rude contrasts.

A branch is used as a hanging for small items in the children’s room. In the guest room a branch used as curtain rod, and the white walls are freshened with sweet and colorful wall stickers from Umlaute.

A true delight

The interior blogs are creative creatures, and we could frame up smart and creative blogs. One more thing, at least we would like to come along with us on the list. Blogger Byfryd has long been looking for readers with their great graphic design and creative ideas. Her home is characterized by a personal style with unique details.

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

HEARING WITH SPECIAL PREGNANCY: A green chair and some tough pictures attached with tape on the wall, giving the room distinctive. Especially against the rough wall. Photo: Holmberg

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

STAY ON 1-2-3: A pile of leaves on the floor gives the living room a relaxed atmosphere. Photo: Holmberg

Have not been through this blog, you say? Well, then you have something good for good.

Good trip to blog country – there is a danger that you stay there for a while if you first take the tour.

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The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

CREATIVE INTEREST: Blogger IfraLahell can offer lots of smart tips. Used as a curtain rod and dots on the wall are just some of it. Photo: IfraLahell

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

DUST AND DELICIOUS: City Fryd always makes it work at home. Look, the dust and the nice living room are decorated. Photo: By Fryd

The best interior ideas are provided by the bloggers

ON A BRAIN: Small items hang in line and row on an article at IfraLahell. Photo: IfraLahell


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