The best grinder

Not all grinders came through the needle eye. See which ones to buy.

The best grinder

EXPERT: The test was carried out by boat builder Bjarne Hostrup. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best grinder

Bag: On the Black & Decker machine there was some dust in the bag and a lot of space in the room. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best grinder

Plate: We measured how fast the machines managed to grind the outer layer on a veneer plate. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best grinder

Tape: To get the dust bag on the car machine, we had to put the tape. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best grinder

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We have tested five eccentrics, all under 1000 kroner.

Two machines are in the low class and three in the middle class.

The test expert had to take a shower in the middle of the road, and the tape had to pass the test on one of the machines.

Two of the machines outclassed the others on efficiency and amazed in a negative sense.

We have not taken into account the price in the test, and we have used the entire scorecard. That is, the one who has got 6 is the best of the machines we have tested and the one who has got 1 is the worst.



Whatever you want to grind, you want your job done quickly. Therefore, we have primarily emphasized how efficient the machine is to grind material.

We have also looked at how nice the surface is when you finish grinding.


These machines are so handy that you should be able to use them with a hand in crooked places.

Therefore weight is important.

Vibration is harmful if it is something you are exposed to for a long time but also annoying even on smaller jobs.

In addition, we have also considered design, balance, operation, and noise.

Dust / Cooling:

All machines have a dust collection system.

We have considered how much dust is collected in the bag.

We have also considered how well the machine cools the paper.

Poor cooling may cause paper to wrap when painting painted and painted surfaces.


We’ve looked at whether the machines have an option.

What’s nice to wear on an eccentric grinder is dust filter, lockable switch and speed control.


This is not a long-term test, but there are some indicators as to whether the machine will have a long service life.

Are there any issues that indicate bad or lack of storage?

Is the plastic of a quality that makes the machine rotationally stable and solid?

Is the machine protected from noise pollution around switches and such places?


To test power, we have taken the time as to how quickly the machine slipped away the outer layer on a veneer plate.

To test the grinding results, we have brushed talc on the surfaces to see if scratches or patterns occurred.

All machines are tested with the same paper type with corn from 40 to 120.

Dust treatment is evaluated visually, with how much dust has occurred in the room, and that we have seen how much was in the bag.

The machines that have a drain are tested with a vacuum cleaner.

Prices given are the lowest prices we found on the market.


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