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The best gas grilles

Seven gas grilles in test – check which one to buy.

The best gas grilles

The best gas grilles

TESTERS: Ole Petter Gjerustad and Henning Horn Galtung Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

OIL HEAT: These two pieces are grilled for as long, but on different parts of the grill. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

ENTRECOTE: The meat must have a smooth and nice frying pan. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

SAME PUT: All the steaks came from the same piece Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

JEVN HEAT: We put sausages all over the grill to check the effective barbecue surface and if the grill gave even heat over the entire surface. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

EFFECTIVE GRILLFLATE: We have measured how much of the barbecue area is getting hot. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

HEAT CHARACTERISTICS: If these errors are constructed, the heat becomes uneven. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

CLEANING: On the best grills, the grease flows quickly into the collecting cup. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

HEAT HEAT: Shelf over grill grille must be easy to remove when grilling meat or bird. Photo: Øivind Lie

The best gas grilles

The terrace was new with sunseam

The best gas grilles

How to choose the right terraces

The best gas grilles

Increased comfort with terrace


NB: This test was conducted in 2011. Prices and selection in the stores may vary.

Grills come as known in all sizes.

We have previously tested luxury variations and we have also tested small portable grills.

This time we have gone for the gas grilles that are sold a lot, the most common size.

To make an appraisal, we have tested grills with a maximum of three burners, and in the price range between 1600 and 4000 kroner.

The Landmann Grill comes outside the price range, it costs 5400 kroner. That it was tested over the model below is a loss that can not be charged to the manufacturer, but to us. Therefore, we have included it on the results list.

We have tested grills from the big manufacturers, right with one exception: Minden. It was considered to be an interesting newcomer and got to try out the big producers.

Test Criteria

We have primarily emphasized the barbecue results.

Then the grill must allow enough heat, even heat over the entire frying surface and it must be possible to have full control over the temperature.

All the food we grilled came from the same piece or fillet, but the results from the different grills showed big differences when the finished result was considered.

This we have grilled

In this test we grilled a proper piece of entrecote, a fish fillet and asparagus. In addition, we put hot dogs over the entire grill to check if the grill gave even heat and how much of the total barbecue area gets hot.

We have chosen to call effective barbecue area” in this test.

The grill needs to get really hot

Enough heat is not just about the number of burners and power, but the quality of the burners and how the grill is constructed.

The choice of material in the actual frying chamber may affect the amount of heat stored and some burners can look large and efficient, but emit heat only in parts of the burner.

Smooth frying

Even heat makes the grilling predictable. We do not require it to heat completely to the edge, but within what you can define as effective area, the heat must be even.

Is not it, you get different results depending on where on the grill you put your food, or worse? the meat itself becomes unevenly cooked. Here the quality of the burners is important, but also the construction itself.

If you have large or improperly constructed heat distributors, or the burners that are just below the grill, this can lead to uneven cooking results.

Good control

It is also important to have full control over the temperature. A minimum is that there is a thermometer in the lid which shows the correct temperature. If you have a digital steak thermometer, you may want to take a check here.

In addition to getting hot, the grill must also have the ability to keep the temperature far enough down to the lowest setting.


Once we’ve considered usability, we’ve looked at how easy it is to regulate the temperature and how easy the cleaning is.

In addition, there are other details that the heater list is easy to remove when you want to cook big food and that the grill is easy to put together with a good operating instructions.

All parts that are exposed to fat and other grills must be easy to clean and clean.

It does not prevent the fat from flowing into a cup if there is leftover residue on a grease bin that has to be removed to remove screws.


Material selection and building quality are important on a barbecue. It is important for the quality of the grilling itself and that it survives many years under quite harsh conditions.


We have not put a lot of weight on the enhancement. Of course it is nice with a side burner, cutlery and knagger, but it is the grilling we have been concerned with.

We have not tried the side burners either.


To test the grills we have brought with us two of the participants in this year’s barbecue world cup. Ole Petter Gjerustad, Assistant Store Manager at Centra Høvik and Henning Horn Galtung, Colonial Manager and Meat Cutter.

We have used the full scale when we have given points. This means that the grills that have gained six and one point in this test are the best and the worst as a starting point only in this selection.

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