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The best architecture blogs

Interested in architecture? Here are the blogs you should follow.

The best architecture blogs

The best architecture blogs

Photo: Faximile from the website.

The best information is often found in blogs. There are rumors of blogs out there, both Norwegian and foreign.

Interior blogs and fashion blogs are popular.

If you are interested in architecture, there are a variety of blogs to choose from. It can be difficult to find the really good blogs, or those blogs that are right for you.

We’ve made a selection and show you the blogs we think it would be worth keeping track of.

If you want to blog yourself, you can quickly sign up and become a blogger on a click. no.

If you have your own blog favorites, please feel free to check us in the comments box below.

We particularly want tips on good Norwegian architectural blogs.

The best architecture blogs

Photo: Faximile from the website.

Norwegian Architecture Blogs

Architecture in Oslo

A simple image blog with buildings from Oslo, created in 2009.

About Architecture

Ulf Grønvold, curator at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, writes about architecture.

Backyard (Architecture Students)

Students might be the ones who follow the best and best of what’s happening? We like the site of the architects Francois and Pierre. About current exhibitions, architects and architecture projects from around the world.

Made in Norway now

News from Norwegian designers and architects. The blog of Norsk Flid Husfliden tells about design, interior, architecture, culture, fashion, gadgets, shops, technology and food produced in Norway.


Architects Dahl and Uhre’s blog about urbanism, landscape and architecture. Here is a lot of exciting reading.


Architect office 70 degrees north’s own blog, with news from the north.

Foreign Architecture Blogs

The best architecture blogs

Photo: Faximile from the website.

Architecture Architecture

The Swedish magazine Arkitektur’s blog. Comments, news and remarks.


Mimoa is a great online architectural guide that you can use when visiting a new city. In the map you will get up to modern buildings you can visit and how to find them. Norway has, for example, been registered with 26 projects.


Trend setting design and architecture magazine, recognized by many users, such as Time Magazine.


In the same street as Dezeen, but also fashion, life styles and technology.


Animals design and decor characterize the page.


Archdaily was launched in 2008 with the goal of becoming the best, largest and most up-to-date blog about architecture. And we can well say that they have succeeded.

Today’s design and architecture

Danish blog that focuses on international design and architecture, and focuses on the visual.


International blog created by architects from, among others, England, the Netherlands and Germany.


“Green” design and architecture blog.

Design Tree

Design, architecture and art in well-designed blog format.

A daily dose of architecture

Architecture student John Hills Blog is updated daily with news. He has also made good lists with links to other blogs. According to architectural news. no, the blog is named architectural blog no. 1 in the world.


Canadian Harry Wakefield blogs about modern architecture and design.

100 good blogs

In addition to the list above, we have found a list of “Top 100 architecture blogs” on

They have made a good section of the blogs thematically. Architecture blogs are organized by categories such as “design oriented”, “environmentally-oriented blogs”, “aggregators (those who convey own, new material about architectures), etc..

The first 10 are the “best of the best” blogs.

1. A Daily Dose of Architecture. Or “Archidose,” as blogger John Hill calls it.

2. aggregate 4/5/6

3. anArchitecture

4. Archinect


6. City of Sound

7. Inhabitat

8. Interactive Architecture

9. Pruned

10. Super Colossal

Read more about the content of the 10 best and see the rest of the 100 blogs that Inlistings has ranked.

Do you agree or disagree with the selection or have other comments? Give us your views in the comments box below.

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The best architecture blogs

Photo: Faximile from the website.

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