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The best advice on banana flies

Readers share their tips on how to get rid of banana flies.

The best advice on banana flies

The best advice on banana flies

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The best advice on banana flies

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The best advice on banana flies

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The best advice on banana flies

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In the past, we wrote about the hardened banana flu, a matter that made commitment among our users.

Therefore, we want to share the tips that readers have come up with. And do you have any other tips? Click here to share.

Do you struggle with molluscs or other reptiles? Here are the tips on how to get rid of them.

Use happy pack and rotten fruit

“Angeleye” comes with the following tips:

“Put some rotten fruit in a bowl of happy packet with a hole in the middle. Let it stand and smell for a while and go away and cover the hole in the plastic so the flies do not get any way. Then go out of the house to release the fuckers. »

A reader who calls himself “Mm” means red juice and Zalo is a good tip to the herded animals.

“50/50 blend. The juice lures them to the bowl – Zalo becomes like glue and drowning the flies. This can stand for days. »

While the user “Zalo” thinks you can replace the red-eye with Zalo.

The best advice on banana flies

GULBRUNE: Banana flies or fruit flies are small to be flies, only 2 to 4 mil long. They are yellowish brown with red eyes and live from fermented subjects. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Put trash on the bench

According to Preben Ottosen at the National Institute of Public Health, banana flu on fermented subjects, such as recycled fruit, tomato bottles with splashes and even folded milk cakes with residues.

Therefore, it may not be so stupid to follow the reader “Anne”:

“To make it easy: put the food refuse bin on the kitchen counter and everyone will definitely come up there. Wait a few hours, take a big book or perm, and fast on top, before you go out with it and throw it in the garbage. Then it is important not to store any compost. Throw it all right away. This works! “

And there’s nothing that works, maybe the best trick is “Olis”:

«Lighter and hair spray are good for flies. “

Tomatoes and Traps

“Nils Johan” writes in the forum that banana flies like very good tomato chips.

Spread 1-2 tablespoons of ketchup on a small glass of lid, tomato powder glass works excellent. Put it out where the flies are. »

It will catch the flies in the glass.

And if none of the above tips works, try “Banana Fly Hunter” their tip:

“Banana Fluffelle! A bowl of cropped banana. Cover the whole bowl with plastic foil, then put small holes with toothpicks. The flu comes in, but not out. Dear I’ve tried so far. I flushed the bowls morning and evening and got rid of the flies after five days. »

Do you have more tips? Share your tips here.

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The best advice on banana flies

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