The architect’s smart summer cabin

The cottage is assembled by many small units.

The architect's smart summer cabin

The architect's smart summer cabin

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The architect's smart summer cabin

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The architect's smart summer cabin

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The architect's smart summer cabin

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The Searchard family had long been looking for the right place for a summerhouse when they came across a natural plot that went down to the water in 2002.

The site is located at Tue Næs, one of Denmark’s most popular areas for cabins and summer activities.

The architect's smart summer cabin

Cottage Søgaard1 Photo: Linnea Press

The daughter of the house, Karina Søgaard (33), went to the architectural school when the house was to be built and, together with her then architect partner, got the job of drawing the house.

The architect's smart summer cabin

ARCHITECT: Karina Søgaard (33) has drawn the parents’ cottage. Photo: Linnea Press

– Instead of placing a house on the landscape, we designed the house into the landscape so that it becomes more like a part of nature we appreciate so much, she says to rom123.

Today she has her own company, Novaform.

Family Place

The architect's smart summer cabin

DROPS: In the hook that is formed between two of the building parts, there is a small dining area. Photo: Linnea Press

– I would also draw the house just the way my parents dreamed about, as a gathering place for the family, and with their own workshop to the father.

Facts about the cottage

The cottage is 100 square meters and has a bedroom, bathroom, entrance hall, laundry room and a large family room.

The house is made up of three buildings that are completely opposite each other and form the main house.

In addition, there is an annex of 24 square meters.

The annex consists of guest rooms, work rooms and workshop with large doors, so that outdoor furniture and homeowners’ sea kayaks can easily be moved out and in.

At the same time, they were concerned that I also added something to the house, based on my expertise.

That way, the house has become perfect for all of us, says Karina.

Karina’s parents own the cottage, but both Karina and her son, as well as the brother and his family, use it diligently.

Therefore, it was important that there was room for everyone.

The architect's smart summer cabin

PANORAMA: The cottage is situated on a small hill with a beautiful view over the Lammefjord. Photo: Linnea Press

Karina designed the house as small buildings and put them together.

Because the house is composed of smaller buildings, one can always find a hook to be a little bit in, whether looking for sun or shadow.

It creates space and niches both inside and out, making the transitions diffuse.

The architect's smart summer cabin

AIR STAY: In the living room, the family can relax in a cozy sofa from Bolia. The gray wool fabric lives out of colorful pillows from Hay and Anne Nowak – a well-known Danish textile artist. The table is purchased at the Designer Zoo. The lamp over the table is from Secto Design. Photo: Linnea Press

The goal was to create a sense of being in nature with nature, as well as prolonging the summer by eliminating the boundary between inside and out.

Karina’s tips for those who want to build a cottage

  • Write down all your ideas and needs.
  • Cut pictures of moods, colors and materials you like.
  • Pay specific attention to minimum requirements and budget.
  • Contact an architect. Your preparation creates a wonderful foundation for the architect to create a unique holiday home that suits you and your needs perfectly.

Four buildings

A fourth building is pulled a bit away and works as an annex, with guest room and workshop.

The space in the space is always in shelter, but still gets plenty of sunshine.


The architect's smart summer cabin

LEKKER PEIS: The fireplace from Dovre is Karina’s favorite furniture. “I think it’s great to be able to sit on the couch and watch fire and water at the same time. The fireplace separates the living room from the kitchen part. The armchair is from Hay, and the reading lamp Fortebraccio is from Luceplan. Photo: Linnea Press

Building a cottage in this way allows you to expand gradually if you wish.

The architect's smart summer cabin

Apartment of cottage, designed by Karina Søgaard.

You are also free to lay the buildings where you want, thus creating the inside and outside rooms you want.

Because the house is made up of smaller buildings, one can always find a hook to be a little bit in, whether looking for sun or shadow.

And in the big room we can be together for both meals and relaxation, says Karina.

The calm in the cottage, and the fact that you are in the midst of the outdoors, make you fill with light and sky – even in winter, Karina says..

Large windows faces north, where the view is best.

Black Wood Plates

The house is made of black painted wood slabs, which are anchored in the flared chimney.

The overall impression is tight and modern, while it is simple and demanding visually.

The architect's smart summer cabin

OPEN KITCHEN SOLUTION: In the living room there is a kitchen and dining table at one end and living room in the other. In order for the kitchen to not be too dominant, the Danish architect Knud Kapper in Hansen Kitchen has designed an interior design. All cabinets are neutral in style. Photo: Linnea Press

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The architect's smart summer cabin

BATH: The bathroom furniture is simple and practical, made by Hansen Kitchen. The tiles are from Evers and kept in colors taken from the landscape outside. Photo: Linnea Press


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