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The app you must include on the cabin show

Make a cabin cup.

The app you must include on the cabin show

It’s hard to know where to start when buying a cabin for the first time.

One tip is to check if the brokers have some cumbersome overlays from the previous year. In addition, you should check the possibilities for easy refurbishment.

Even the most reliable cabin can be transformed into a cabin paradise.

– Basically, it is not very different from buying regular housing. It is the same laws and regulations that apply. The information given in the sales assignment should give the buyer the same information whether it is a home or cottage, says real estate agent in Dnb Eiendom, Marius C. Lindhjem.

He works only with vacation homes.

Think about the sun

You should still be aware of some moments. The most important thing may surprise you.

– The vast majority of building technology challenges can be solved. So the most important thing is to get an overview of errors and deficiencies and to estimate what one should cost of remedies. But if you buy a cottage where you can find out that the sun conditions are not the way you thought, or there are hardly any hiking opportunities in the area, then it’s difficult to do something about it, “says Lindhjem..

Therefore, he recommends downloading an app that shows the sun’s path in the sky, thinking about where it gets through the time of year the cabin is going to be used.

The app you must include on the cabin show

SOLUTION: The Sunsurveyor app shows you where the sun is set to date and time, so you can, for example, check how long you have sun on the site in winter. It is available for both Android and Iphone / Ipad.

There are several options you can download. For example, the Suntrajectory app is available for Android, while Sunsurveyor is an option for IOS.

Trees grow

It’s also smart to take care of the vegetation around.

– Remember that trees grow. See what trees can be a challenge over time. Where do the trees stand? On your own plot, on the neighboring plot or landowner’s property? Is there a party space: what does the contract say about the scaling?

This way you can avoid irritation in the future.

How are the hiking opportunities?

According to the broker there are also surprisingly few who set the time to explore the surrounding community around the cabin, despite the fact that much time is likely to be used here.

Check how the hiking opportunities are in the area.

– How is the road or path to the sea, for example? Can it ride a bike or is it a “Tarzan” trail where you jump from stone to rock? In addition to investigating this on display, I recommend to carefully review maps of the area before coming, if you are in a new unknown area, “says Lindhjem..

Buy Cabin

In addition to this, it is always worth reading the prospectus, home sales report and other documents well. See the checklist in the fact box for more tips.

– I experience very rare problems with the buyer. This is because the buyers are generally good at examining the conditions that can cause problems and that they get all the necessary information, “said the broker..

This should always be done before submitting bids:

  • Download / order prospectus before viewing. Then you have the opportunity to investigate the most before you get there.
  • Read the home sales report, if available. It will then be accompanied by the sales assignment. If such a construction technical report is not available, I recommend to bring a building commissioner on display.
  • If the cabin is on the plot empty, the party contract should be read. Landtefeste can be a difficult subject for most people, and you should be sure to seek assistance if you are unsure of the contract.
  • Check permissions that are not necessarily written in a deal. There may be use of boat space, parking, road, water pipeline and the like. Often, such rights may be linked to membership in cottage shelters, cops, breweries and so on.

Source: Real Estate Agent in Dnb Eiendom, Marius C. Lindhjem.

– How should you prepare?

– Take time to get views, track bids, and check what the cabins are actually being sold for.

But one thing should all avoid:

– Do not buy property unseen. Set of the time it takes to investigate and inspect the property before buying.

Find answers to these questions

Chairman of the Hytteforbundet, Trygve Jarholt, recommends checking the following on checklist before buying a cabin.

  • Is an empty or cottage in an area that is regulated or not?
  • If it is regulated, what is specifically said:
    – Road, water, sewage and so on.
    – Other cabins or cottage areas to be built.
    – Can you mount fence or not?
    – Is the cabin inside or outside the beach zone and you need to apply for a dispensation? Remember that the beach zone is also from mountain water.
    – If there is a way to the cottage or cottage area: is it regulated? Do you have rights to use it?
    – Makes your way in winter or not? What is the cost of seeding?
  • Is the cottage a self-catering or a plot-landed plot?
  • If plots of land plots: Remember that new plots of land plots are adopted by the Storting in June, which results in significantly higher costs.
  • If site-managed-empty: check if it’s easy to get permission from landowner to remove forests and shrubs if you want a view.
  • Has the municipality introduced or intends to introduce property tax? What will your annual costs of property tax be?
  • Has the municipality introduced or intend to introduce a connection to public water and sewage? What are your annual costs for water and sewage?
  • If you do not have water and sewage – is it easy to put a sewer tank? Is it easy to apply for drilling for water?


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