The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

Smart built apartment

The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

BEBOER OG SIVILARKITEKT: Quentin Le Guen-Geffroy. Photo: Espen Grønli

Compact cubic

Who? Civil Architect Quentin Le Guen-Geffroy. Born in France, resident in Norway since 2000.

What? Apartment of 47 sqm in a morgård at Torshov in Oslo.

Why? Common needs resulted in unusual solutions.

The starting point is quite ordinary. Two rooms and kitchen spread over 47 sqm in a second floor at Torshov.

Five windows face the street, no to the backyard.

When Quentin Le Guen-Geffroy moved in, he wanted to cultivate the qualities of the house and make the most of the space.

The question was just “how?”.

– Today people will open everywhere. I think that seems rushed. Even I spent one year thinking and three years of building, he says to Bonytt.

This family also went against the stream.

A tour of the home

A trip around the Le Guen-Geffroy apartment is just that; a round trip. When you turn right into the entrance, you enter the living room – the natural center of the residence.

Then you walk through the kitchen and further into the bedroom.

Keep left and you’re back in the hallway. With the exception of the bathroom, all rooms have two openings.

– You do not go around all the time but the feeling of being able to continue without ending in a dead end – I like it.

Unlike most newer apartments, the layout solution consists of several medium sized rooms, no large ones.

Own twist on social cuisine

And the kitchen is rather a place for work than for conversation. There is a window surrounded by shelves on one side and kitchen counter with cabinets on the other.

No table, nor anywhere to sit down. Or?

– The kitchen is more social than one might think, says Le Guen-Geffroy to Bonytt, and fish until a board of plywood, held next to the stove.

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The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

COMPACT AND COMPLETE: The shelves to the right are adapted to the jars and jars. The steel window frame can be used as a message board with the help of a magnet. Mailboxes in various Colors act as containers for residual waste, organic, glass and metal, etc.. The glass top over the kitchen counter closes the daylight into the bathroom. Inside the bedroom is Prouvé’s chair Cité from Vitra seen. EXTRA WORKING FLAT: The plate can be used as a seat bench, a drawer or extra shelves. The shelves section on the right is mobile and can be pushed in front of the doorway to close the bedroom. Photo: Espen Grønli

The board slides straight into the horizontal slots he has tempted into the veneer plates that hit the transition between kitchen and bedroom.

That way, a friend can sit and keep the chef with company.

Slides the plate into the slot, smells it with the kitchen counter and gives the chef a larger working surface.

With half a step to the side, he has everything within reach: workbench, refrigerator, stove, basin, closet and waste bin. Just about like in the kitchen in a small boat.

Thinking three-dimensional

The compact thinking permeates the home, but not all solutions are equally obvious.

Take the door between the living room and the entrance: When it’s open – and it does most of the time – it closes a volume in the shelf section and forms a kind of pillow.

When Le Guen-Geffroy thinks compact, he thinks three-dimensional.

The measurement unit is not square meter but cubic centimeter.

Inside the bathroom, the ceiling over the sink is immersed. Here he has hidden the hot water tank, really without the expense of anything.

The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

RO ROUND ART: All storage is located along one wall of the living room. Thus a whole wall could be devoted to Aleksandra Niemczyks painting. Photo: Espen Grønli

The opening to the volume is found behind one of the gripless front of the cupboard wall in the entrance hall.

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The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

DAY LIGHT ON BATH: The glass top over the kitchen counter ensures that the 2.1 sqm small bath is blessed with daylight. The ceiling above the sink is slightly lowered, while the shower zone (left) has a full ceiling height. The tiles from Emaux de Briare are among the few districts of the house. NO SHARP CHANGE: The wall on the left is curved, like a snail s-shape. Had it been built at right angles, it would eat too much space, says Quentin. Photo: Espen Grønli

Does not own TV

But where did he hide the flat screen?

– I have not had tv since 1998, and it’s not just because it represents a furniture problem. The question is rather where the wood stove should stand, says Le Guen-Geffroy.

– The obvious answer is “in the corner”, but I wanted a more central location to get more enjoyment of the flames, he adds.

This was possible by extending the smoke pipe one meter up and two meters to the left. As a bonus he can enjoy the heat that the smoke emits on his way through the pipe, which would otherwise have gone right in the chimney.

Now that the room’s main attraction had got its place, he designed the storage section. The shelving system covers the entire wall, and the division is clearly based on the oven and the things he brought with him: Rectangular chambers for the floor speakers and square to the vinyl boards.

For the CDs he has made shelves in two rows, the front can be rolled aside to give access to the rear.

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The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

BUILDING THE ROUND OVEN: The location of the wood stove was the starting point for the design of the shelves. The parts facing the furnace and the smoke pipes are hit by fireplaces. Photo: Espen Grønli

The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

Much VINYL: Quentin is among those who prefer the sound of vinyl. It has created the need for creative storage solutions, such as a rolling bench with lid. Brassens, Gainsbourg and Zappa live here. KRYSSFINER: The cabinet wall forms a uniform surface of plywood in the entrance hall. The door knob marks the door of the bathroom. The creatures are unscrupulous. Photo: Espen Grønli

Think, draw and sneak yourself

Le Guen-Geffroy’s penchant for plywood is obvious. The bright, waxed wood fiber boards are left everywhere.

– The material is both usable and affordable. Besides, I like the look. The marbling in birch is just as relaxed. You can enjoy it if you want to, or leave it, it will never be intrusive.

Le Guen-Geffroy has thought, drawn and sneaked himself. That’s how he got what he wanted and kept the cost down.

Nevertheless, he does not consider it a low budget project.

– I’ve spared myself, I’ve used other things, he says, leaning on the dining table.

It does not matter. The table top is indeed made of linoleum residue from the kitchen floor, but the base is made of metal. Much metal.

– My things are heavier than necessary. I want them to last for a long time. There lies the luxury for me.

The apartment of 47 square meters on Torshov is not like everyone else

SMART STORAGE: Quentin uses well-used toolboxes for systematized storage of small tools, sewing supplies, shoe pads, brushes and fills. USE THE MAINTENANCE: The location of cabinets all the way up the ceiling created the need for a ladder. Quentin has drawn and made it himself. The floor lamps are flea-proof. Photo: Espen Grønli


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