That way they got advice on the dream house

The two families could not afford their own accommodation. The solution was to share at the dream house.

That way they got advice on the dream house

It may be a bit of a challenge to find a place to live, which will suit both area and size, but also – and not least – what you really can afford. In particular, this is a growing problem in large cities, where vacant plots are few and far in between, and where both detached houses and apartments still rise in price.

More and more feel that they can not afford anything, at least not as satisfying dreams of neither size nor location, and many are forced to move further out of the center or be willing to make any compromises with oneself regarding the dream home. In big cities like London and New York, it has been common for a while to buy housing with friends – in order to afford something that one could not have bought alone.

According to the design and architecture site Designboom, this meant that two young families got architectural help to draw a shared dream house on a small narrow corner ground – in the middle of Tokyo’s big city.

Can not afford your own accommodation

It was in a densely populated neighborhood in the Japanese metropolis that the two families found a vacant plot that they could be the perfect home for all of them. The problem was just to accommodate a functional residence on the small plot. For that, they needed help from the architects of Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects.

That way they got advice on the dream house

SPEILVENDT: The architects entered the same rooms in the two “houses” of the house. Between them is a common hallway. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

That way they got advice on the dream house

MINIMALIST: In Japanese homes, the interior is usually pretty bare and tight. Everything has its place and function. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

– It was basically a bit of a headbreak to make a home to work for not just one but two families on a plot that was so compact, explains architect Hiroyuki Shinozaki at Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects to Click Housing..

That way they got advice on the dream house

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The land that the families had bought was not only small, but also on a corner, so that two sides of the house would have to turn out to the road.

The solution, which would shield the housing noise, was to clothe the whole house on the outside with reinforced concrete.

Although the house should be located in a residential area of ​​Tokyo, and not in the center of the city, due to the location of the site, there was a need for noise shielding, Shinozaki explains..

– When this was taken care of, we faced the next challenge; namely to create an interior and a floor plan that would work for both families.

The hall is the center of the house

That way they got advice on the dream house

FIELD: The hall of the house is shared by the two families. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

As with Japanese architecture, Y House, as the architects called the house, due to the special interior layout, are quite minimalist. Here, little decorations and details are used only for the decor’s part, as well as taking into account that everything in the home has a function and a goal.

That way they got advice on the dream house

Check the playful solution

– The passage works as the core of the house, explains Shinozaki to the Designboom website.

– The plan solution works in such a way that all rooms, such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room and dining room all look out onto this open and shared room.

It’s almost 130 m2, therefore, serves as both a municipal area for residents of both “houses” and as a room that separates one family’s home from the others.

– It worked best in all ways to do this in the hallway, explains the architect.

In this way, the families can easily meet and share in this space, but can also feel that they live separate lives, each with their own “home”.

The rooms are designed to grow in

In the common hallway that divides the accommodation into two, the architects have drawn the rooms on both sides – so that the kitchen of one house is also parallel to the other kitchen.

That way they got advice on the dream house

TOMROM: From the top level of this house you will see four floors straight down. This whole time and the staircase is shared by the two families living in the house. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

That way they got advice on the dream house

SMARTE GREP: When there were no room for two different houses on the plot, the architect found a way two families could share houses. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

– The rooms are mirroring each other, explains Shinozaki.

That way they got advice on the dream house

– We had to make room where it did not exist

– And by using the large open zone in the middle, we also took into account that the rooms on either side could “grow” with the families as needed.

The floors above the house are designed as platforms in different heights upwards in the building.

– From the top of the house you have a view of four floors right down, explains the architect.

And it is this shared zone, this open hallway, which makes the rooms what we call flexible, which means that the families can to some extent expand some rooms a bit when needed.

The architect explains that this smart interior grip was made because young families grow up, and with time, perhaps you may have a little different need for space and space than the one initially was when the house was built.

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That way they got advice on the dream house

THE PARTY HOUSE: When there was no room for sharing the plot in two, these two families shared as well the house between themselves. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

That way they got advice on the dream house

ROOM FOR VOCUS: This house is built to accommodate rooms and zones as needed. Thus, the architects took into account the fact that families change their way through the years. Photo: fumihiko ikemoto

– We dropped walls to gain more space

That way they got advice on the dream house

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