That way it will be tidy in the hallway

With practical shoe cabinet, the hallway becomes even more tidy.

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

A regular family of four has a lot of shoes. Therefore it is important to keep the order in the hallway.

It may be a good investment to buy a shoe shoe for the footwear, but it’s fine to orient yourself a bit on the market first so you can find a shoe cabinet that suits your needs.

Pen order

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

SKOSKAP: Nordal is available in both white and dark wood. Price kr. 9300 at www. babazar. no. Photo: producer

– If you choose a traditional shoe cabinet, it is recommended to buy more that are placed next to each other, says interior designer Signe Schineller.

Many shoe caps are very narrow and therefore can look easily look like a lump in the room

– With more cabinets to each other you get a larger surface and a smooth fine shelf at the top where you can, for example, put pictures or have jewelry. Then you get a storage space while decorating the room.

Think new

However, according to the interoperability list, it is possible to choose other solutions as well. Even she has put more narrow shelves into a regular gardening, providing room for both pencils and shoes used everyday.

Boots and booties are easy to slide on the floor. They take a lot of space and damage this skin, “said Schineller.

A good advice is to hang up boots and boots. For example, use a wardrobe with clips . Then the booties stay tight and fine.

Shoe Shine for you

If you have small niches in the hallway that are not in use and where furniture can not be placed, Schineller recommends getting a carpenter if you are not good at hammer and nail.

Get him to sneak up shoe shelves or shoe caps that fit the dead place. Then you get used to this while you get your shoes off the floor.

You can also sneak your own garterobehylle.

Clear the time

If you have a bad place in the hallway, it’s probably the first bid to get rid of the winter shoes when the spring comes.

– Very many have all shoes standing promoting throughout the year, and then it takes a lot of space. It’s delicious with air, so put away the ones that are not used, “said Schineller.

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

SKOHYLLE: With the shoe shelf j-me from Urban Trend, you get your shoes up from the floor. The price is from 990 kr. Photo: Urban Trend

Once you get a functional and stylish shotgun, Schineller recommends giving each family member its own shelf or drawer. Then it’s much easier to keep the order.

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

SKOSKAP: Jeanne d`Arc has several uses. Price: 9800 kr at www. babazar. no. Photo: producer


Also, although there are countless shots on the market, you may want to look at the other departments in the furniture store.

A sliding glass cabinet can make the same use, and also a shelf or room divider with many square rooms fits well as a shoe cabinet.

It’s much nicer to pick up their shoes when they are in a closet and not on a floor full of mess, Schineller believes.


Signe Schineller has his own personal favorite, among other shoe caps, Mr. Big team for Carrie in Sex and single life. Here, in principle, two ribs are placed next to each other – it bends slightly higher than the front.

– If you have a lot of pencils, they really come up with such a solution. Then they face you and this is not a shotgun that has to cost the world, “she says.

Go to the shoe shop

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

SKOSTATIVE: J-me wall mounted shoe rack from Urban Trend is decorative and practical. The price is kr. 1390. Photo: Urban Trend

If you need even more inspiration before choosing the option that suits you at the time, it might be a good idea to take a walk in the shoe store. See how the decor they use, and look forward to good solutions.

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

SKOSKAP: Cologne from Bohus is a stylish cabinet with mirror door. Price. 2995, – Photo: Producer

That way it will be tidy in the hallway

SKOSKAP: Berlin from Bohus is available in several colors. This red with three drawers costs kr. 895. Photo: the manufacturer

– In the shoe store you will find good examples of how to store many shoes while making it look great.. Here are the shelves, clips and rods and all the shoes are in use, says Schineller.

In Signe Schineller’s blog you will find more inspiration for the home.

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