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That’s why it’s a matter of buying furniture now

Now there are sales in stores and you can make a proper interior cup.

That's why it's a matter of buying furniture now

In January, it’s the sales season, also in the interior stores, and are you smart, do you hug Christmas decorations next year already?. If you’re sorry Christmas and can not think so far ahead of time, there are lots of other goodies for the home that are on sale in January.

Buy what you wanted this fall

Much of what you find on sale is from the autumn collection, so you had a favorite this fall that you did not get used to because it was too expensive, it could be possible to get it with 30-70 percent off now. Some basic items are also on offer, so bunk up with classic white linens and towels and complement the dishes.

That's why it's a matter of buying furniture now

Christmas is perfect for Easter: Hamster Christmas decorations next year, some of it can even be used for Easter. 1. Large painted star from Walther, before kr 899, now kr 449, bolina. no 2. Almond Bowl from Areaware, use it as “ready” with eggs for Easter, before kr 429, now kr 273, designdelicatessen. no 3. Christmas tree from Ferm Living, these little birds also fit fine on a birch ice cream for Easter, before kr 145, now NOK 72, 5 pcs, bolina. no 4. Harepus egg heater, before kr 49, reach kr 29, bolina. no 5. Light shaped like a snowball before kr 29, now kr 15, indian. Photo: Manufacturers

In addition to the fact that seasonal and Christmas decorations are on sale now, many retailers run campaigns in January, simply because it’s sales time.

An example of this is the furniture chain Slettvoll, where you can choose products from the entire furniture collection at ten percent discount in January (seating furniture, dining rooms and storage and custom-made carpets). The furniture is ordered and you can choose colors and textiles yourself. In addition, the stores are usually selling their exhibition models at a 20-50 percent discount at the beginning of the year when the exhibition is to be exchanged.

Stores that drop down

That's why it's a matter of buying furniture now

SALE A WALK OF YEAR: Order your dream furniture with a 10 percent discount from the new furniture collection to Slettvoll, launched in autumn 2012. Photo: Producer

Some stores take the decision to discontinue operations in connection with a year-end, so you can also find some resale sales at this time of year. On holiday. No, you will receive 20-70% off of the entire range.

Most stores sell out what they have from harvest products to accommodate all the new ones that come, and it varies from store to shop what they are left with when sales begin.

Prut in the way!

At Åhlèns there are 50 per cent on small furniture and a lot of good deals on pillows and curtains this year. There are sales both in stores and on the web, but those dealers who have both shop and online store may still have more items on sale in the store than what you see online. A trip to the store can therefore pay off to get the very best purchases.

In the stores there may also be room for pruting at the selling price if the item you buy is the last of its variety or has been a part of the exhibition. Just remember that sales items can not be exchanged as a rule and that the best things often go first, so here’s how to be quick and turn around if you find something you like. Run and buy!

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So much costs the entire bottle of an apartment of 60, 100 and 150 square

That's why it's a matter of buying furniture now

BASIS: Bunk up with classical white bed linen of good quality, towels or spare parts for the tableware, Facet bed linen from Georg Jensen Damask, pillow case, before kr 290, now kr 174 and duvet cover, before kr 1300, now kr 780, damask. dk. THE SMALL EXTRAS: 1. Double bedspread, before kr 699, now kr 350, H&M Home 2. Lamp from Tine K. , before kr 1990, now kr 1290, babazar. no 3. Towel from Bloomingville, 140 x 70, before kr 195, now kr 97, mole light. no 4. Galvanized storage box, before kr 399, now kr 199, Kremmerhuset 5. Blanket / blanket before kr 795, now kr 399, Indian 6. Silkepute from Day Home, before kr 600, reach kr 300, linneashage. no 7. Coffee table from House Doctor before kr 5100, now kr 3100, babazar. no 8. Carpet from HK Living, before kr 3600, now kr 2725, babazar. no.

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