Test of Bosch pex 270A

Very user-friendly slipper.

Test of Bosch pex 270A

In short:

+ Minimal dust with proper filter in the bag.

No vacuum cleaner

No speed control

Technical Data:

Power: 270 W

Unloaded speed: 24,000 rpm

Weight: 1660 g (our measurement)


Producer Bosch Price 749


This is a model that begins to go over the years, and will be replaced in the near future, according to Bosch.

Then it’s impressive that this is one of the machines that came very well.

It is very user-friendly, combining good low-weight effect.

It minimizes dust, the roof is a good dust filter with a good filter. Dust treatment was very good. On grinding results and cooling of the paper, it also got top marks.

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