Test: Cheapest case is best

Best in test was Hitachi’s model.

Test: Cheapest case is best

Test: Cheapest case is best

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Circle case is the most power tool in the home. You use it to make the right cut, and can both split tables, cut tables and split large discs in all variants.

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We have tested 4 cases in what we can call the intermediary segment. Something in the middle between pros and cons. We’ve been looking for is the good alright case, which you can use for everything from splitting coarse tables to making good incisions in countertops.

The cases are tested in solid wood worktop, particle board, plywood, worktop, MDF, 48 mm spruce, 48 mm impregnated and 22 mm dressing table. The right hard test here was the wet, semi-frozen impregnation table.

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What makes a big difference when using a circular saw is the blade. The more teeth, the better the cut. Fewer teeth are best suited for rough cuts in coarse materials. Further, cutting depth is important. Minimum cutting depth must be 50 mm so that you can cut a 48 x98. The size of the case is also important for handling. The greatest possible power in a least possible case is an advantage.

The test was performed by Click’s expert Per Christian Mathiesen, caretaker and takstmann MNTF, and Mats Eriksen, carpenter and construction technician. Thank you to builder Kjetil Eriksen for local loans.


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