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Ten advice to save housing sales

The Consumer Council believes that anyone who sells housing should acquire a state report.

Ten advice to save housing sales

The Consumer Council has set up ten sales rules for those who want to sell the property itself.

The most important thing to do is to get a state report, they mean.

In addition, they recommend that the settlement be made by a professional actor, and that the sales task is set up in accordance with the requirements of the Property Broker Act section 6-7 and the industry standard for the sale of housing.

– It’s all about giving as complete information as possible, stresses Torgeir Øines, head of the housing group in Consumer Policy Department at the Consumer Council.

Technical Status Report

According to Øines, most disputes in housing sales are about the condition of the home.

– With a detailed state report, most sources of disputes will be removed, he expands. – A common value tag describes in close proximity the state of residence as thoroughly.

The Consumer Council’s recommendation is therefore that it is invested in a technical condition report to uncover defects and deficiencies before the home is advertised.

Such a report will also help to safeguard the seller’s duties under the Disposal Act.

Condition reports are prepared by taxpayers competent for this, and many of them are affiliated with NITO Rate..

Confirmed Basic Box Printing

This is obtained from the Norwegian Mapping Authority. It shows all the liens on the property, except for non-registered waiters (gangrett, veirett, boat site, etc.). One should therefore ask neighbors and former owners. Information about any pre-emptive rights must also be obtained.

Municipal Information

A place you do not get away when it comes to information, and that’s the municipal archives and registers. The following information should be retrieved:

  • Zoning
  • Temporary permit or certificate of residence (to confirm that the residence can be inhabited)
  • Orders from public authorities, such as fire and sweepstakes
  • If any rental conditions are approved
  • Tonnage
  • Equal value and municipal fees

Price Information

The Consumer Council recommends checking what similar housing is going for in the neighborhood. Together with the condition report, it will form a good basis for determining price estimate.

Ten advice to save housing sales

SALE: The Consumer Council believes that a home sale can be done without a broker, but you should pay particular attention to everything you know about. Photo: Morten Holm / Scanpix

“Go on impressions, look at ads, check with housing building, etc.. There are also online services that can give a hint of what equivalent homes are worth, “it is stated in the Consumer Council’s sales rules.

Sales Task

When deciding to sell the home itself, it means that you also have to make the sales task. According to the Consumer Council, it should contain information about the weaknesses and strengths of the housing. The sales assignment should “provide a good and truthful description of the property through photos and in their own words”, they elaborate and advise to get tips from other sales tasks, such as in the neighborhood. In addition, you should read through the Swedish Property Agency Act section 6-7 and the industry standard for the marketing of housing.

– If you choose to sell the property yourself, it means that you get some work to find out the information, says Øines. “But on the other hand, you will save a great deal on reduced brokerage fees.


The Consumer Council recommends evaluating where and how to advertise. Current sales channels are newspapers, advertising sites, social media, lookup and friends and celebrities.

From New Year is Finn. No opened up for private individuals.


Before viewing, the property and the property should be prepared to make it look as attractive as possible.

The Consumer Council Recommendation is also available and set aside with time compared to impressions.

“Highlight stakeholders on both strong and weak sides of the home,” they recommend.

There are companies that offer their services in different phases of the sales process, so consider the assistance you need.

Betting round

All bids must be in writing and must contain time of submission, acceptance deadline, amount and bidder’s name. One should also keep a bid log, is the recommendation of the Consumer Council.

It is important to be aware that accepted bids mean that a binding agreement has been entered into.

Contract and Settlement

When it comes to contract writing and settlement, the Consumer Council recommends that you make use of professionals. There are, among other things, own settlement brokers who take care of this part of a sales process.

The Consumer Council has prepared a purchase contract with guidance.

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