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Swim in a muffin

Check out the cool things you just have to have in the garden this summer.

Swim in a muffin

Swim in a muffin

HAGENISSER: Hagenisser in two sizes, in green and pink. Price about 135 kroner and 290 grains at Photo: Frode Larsen

Swim in a muffin

The price difference is $ 28,000

In summer you can cook outside in the open. You can sleep under the open sky and pick fresh herbs from your own little herb garden.

In the photo series at the top of the article, you’ll find the things you just have to have this summer.

What about letting the minster take a bath in a giant size muffin shape? Designer Beers van Stokkum takes a familiar form for new use with the cool muffin shape that can not be used to bath in. How about using it as a flower box? Or maybe dog basket?

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We also show you how to create your own beautiful outdoor bed with products obtained from a number of manufacturers. A night out in the fresh air may tempt you?

See the cool products in the image series at the top.

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Swim in a muffin

KUL FUGL: Multi-storey birdhouse for NOK 975 at Verket Interiør. Kitchen kitchen with apple sauce trellion table for 595 kroner from Ikea, four melamine cups in rack from Rafens, pork rods for 49 kroner per piece, potted flower pots NOK 39 per piece from Åhléns and spoon with malted wooden sheath set at NOK 60 from Indian. Photo: Frode Larsen

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