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Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

Does your interior need the little extra to be fine? Then this is the trend for you.

Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

Accessories in hot metals such as copper and brass give the interior life and glow.

The hot metals can also form the eye catch you need to lift your interior to new heights.

Will be

Mixing cold and hot metals in the decor is great now. It will also be a while ahead.

In its trend forecast for 2014-2015, the trend institute Pej Gruppen argues that this is a trend that will continue.

– We have seen it done in interior magazines for a while, and now we are ready to do it in our homes, “says Eske Interiør & Design, CEO of Maria Horgen.

Create a looker

Many interiors remain mediocre and boring because they just lack a beautiful eye-catcher.

A nice contrast and something exciting to correct your eyes can make wonders in a room.

– Decorating with a pendant lamp or a platter coated with copper or brass can give a beautiful effect. When the sun shines on the metal and the shape of things around mirrors in the surface, it becomes a beautiful eye-catcher, says Horgen.

Fits wood and pastel

– The hot metal fits perfectly with matte wood, dusty pastels and sorbet colors that are also an important part of the trend picture now. The bravest blends both steel, brass and copper elements in their interior, “says interior designer and owner of whit. No, Linda Elmin.

The bonus is that you are getting your house a little everyday without scaring the man in the house, says Elimin.

A few items are enough

If you are going to decorate with hot metals, it may be nice to stick to a few selected objects so that it does not get too much of the good.

A few items in these materials are enough. It’s important not to completely eliminate the clean dynasty, “said Elmin.

Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

EVERYTHING GAMES: Fats and cups coated in copper from Ferm-Living decorates in the workplace. Photo: the manufacturer

If you want to decorate with brass and brass, you do not necessarily have to buy as much new.

Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

Only the shell remained in the old wooden house

– In flea markets you can find a lot of fine in these materials. For example, if you buy a copper basket and put it with a big green palm on the terrace, then it will be shabby, says Elmin.

Another possibility is to spray paint fine things you have before using copper spray for hobby use.

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Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

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Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

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Supertrend that makes the living room cooler

FOR THE MODE: Those who think it’s exciting with different metals often combines copper, brass and steel. This is Etch Telescope from Tom Dixon. Photo: the manufacturer


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