Striking work desk for the hobby nekker

This table is both transport drawer and work table in one.

Striking work desk for the hobby nekker

In short:

+ Easy to use

+ Rugged

Heavy if it must be borne

Striking work desk for the hobby nekker

Tests: Carpenter Mats Eriksen has tested the table for two months. Photo: Øivind Lie

Striking work desk for the hobby nekker

Extenders: The table has extensions on both sides. Photo: Øivind Lie

Striking work desk for the hobby nekker

Composite: The table takes relatively small space when it’s assembled. Photo: Øivind Lie

The Chess Work Table has been tested for two months by Mats Eriksen, carpenter and construction technician at Carpenter Kjetil Eriksen.

Rotate a lever

The table is designed so that it is assembled on top of the board, like a conventional conveyor belt.

To use the saga, turn a lever.

The manufacturer claims that it opens quickly, in one move.

That’s right. The table is both easier and faster to look up than most prams, and actually hooked faster to reconnect.

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All features

When the table is set up, it has all functions like a regular work table, with extenders, stops and height adjustment.

Roll in the way

– In a larger building or other area where everything is on the same level, it’s perfect to just roll between places to work, says Eriksen on the table.

It’s solidly designed and has not had trouble with rough treatment.


This is not a shortage but a wish: A cable and a row of socket outlets for the saga and the other machines.


The table weighs 35 kilos plus case.

It provides good stability.

The downside of the weight is to transport the places you can not roll, such as steep stairs and in and out of the car.

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Producer Bosch Price 3328


This table is useful to the hobbyist who uses the game.

It allows you to always have a story where you work, saving you a lot of walking.

It also becomes easy to lounge away and easy to rig.

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