Steer away from these jigsaws

The Powercraft plug-in should never have been on sale. See which cheeky jigsaws were best – and worst – in tests.

Steer away from these jigsaws

Steer away from these jigsaws

CASE TEST: We have tested five cheap jigsaw puzzles. Some did not keep goals. Photo: Camilla Langaas

Steer away from these jigsaws

Test: Cheapest case is best

Steer away from these jigsaws

The very best paint

The worst of the cases in our test should never have come as far as the store shelves. If you use the loss of the test you will most likely destroy instead of fixing.

In this video, you’ll see why you should avoid the Powercraft case.

We selected five jigsaws for under 300 kroner. There were major differences in equipment level, strength and design.

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In the test we have used the entire scale from one to six. A six-seater means this is the best saga for less than 300 kroner.

Better Quality

If you buy a good quality case and take good care of it, it will be an almost as cheap alternative than buying a new case every time you need one. Then you also get a case that gives a skilled craftsmanship.

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If you have decided to buy a cheap jigsaw punch, we have these tips:

1. Throw the leaflet provided and buy a good sheet.

2. Make sure there is tilting function on the case. Without tilting function, the blade will get so bad cooling in heavy materials that it gets too hot.

How we tested

In the panel, click’s expert Per Christian Mathiesen, caretaker and takstmann MNTF, as well as Mats Eriksen, carpenters and construction technicians.

An assessment has been made based on the technical specifications, handling and ease of use of the case and a test of relevant materials.

We tested the cases in:

  • 48 mm. adj. burst load (plank)
  • Heavy worktop
  • Gemstone countertops
  • Laminated-spoon worktop
  • Plywood

We tested straight cut longitudinally and across, as well as curved lines. We looked at the angle and how clean the cut became.

The same type of magazine is used on all cases, except Femco, where standard blades failed.

Multiple tests on

The best drills

We are testing steel extremes

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