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Stay completely hidden – in the middle of Oslo

Terje Børresen’s atrium house opens up as an oasis hidden behind a tall plankegjerde.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

A massive wooden door is the only thing that reveals that there is something behind the tall dragons. Behind the wooden shell opens an oasis consisting of two small and one large and inviting atrium, the latter with round pebbles, water and a bronze statue. Terje Børresen lives here, a man who has contributed to the optimal living of his home.

Unavailable revelation

The house is completely sheltered from neighbors and car traffic. Large glass surfaces face the outside area. Not a millimeter is random.

The plot is quite deep in relation to the surroundings, and the view is not very attractive, so I built a secret and unavailable house. The home will only be revealed when I get home and in for the high tigers. Both the living room and the studio each have access to the main tree. In the summer there are open doors and full contact between the inside and outside rooms. A late winter night there is also a fire on the fireplace in the studio and blue jazz sounds out of the speakers.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

SOLID DOOR: The terrain around the property is high and closes the house. The solid door that stands open leads into the house and the outdoor areas. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

ONE WORLD: The sculpture in bronze is from an auction at Blomquist. The studio has direct access to the main tree. The home has many fun details, like the latch in the leash on the left as can be opened. On the outside there is wood dressing while there is a game panel on the inside. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

MAIN COOL: The fireplace is a walled cube that sticks out through the glass wall of the living room, marking the transition between inside and outside. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

BETONG: The back of the fireplace seems in the atrium, the steps in concrete have almost the same shape. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

– The studio is my quiet place, while social takes place in the heart of the house, which is the dining room. For me, book quality friends are around the table, the fireplace on the fireplace and a lively cooking powder from the kitchen.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

RIGHT OUT: A small atrium is located just outside the kitchen and is excellent breakfast area when weather permits. The entire residence has concrete floors. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Terje wanted a maintenance-free house, and first considered concrete as the main material. But it took too much of the area and became an expensive solution. The property was instead built with concrete against the ground and woodwork over.

1000 meters above sea level, he found real Norwegian pine, untreated kernelwood of malmfuru, specially cut to the house. Outside, the surface is rough, inside the wood panel has a much softer feel. The other materials are river gravel and concrete, which also has a rugged surface outdoors while it has a finer grinding inside.

At the time Terje bought the plot, he had crystal clear perceptions of what housing he wanted, but realized at the same time that it was unlikely to be carried out.

The first step was to find an architect he could trust a hundred percent. Terje quickly realized that it was not his task to draw the house, but wanted to give the architect an inspiring briefing.

– I chose to let the architect make the important decisions about the home. First, I defined two important things: applications and how the rooms should work optimally. It became a yes and a no list. Yes, the list contained what I like of materials and style, the other list showed what I certainly would not have, he says.

In Terje’s house there are three colors that bind the interior together: dark gray, light gray and white. The colors appear differently from room to room, they also change after 24 hours.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

BUTTONS: The wooden and steel furniture is from Ikea. The trusses are adapted to the height so that they go completely up to the ceiling, which is slightly inclined. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

REVIEW: Terje Børresen has bought more of the furniture auctions, and at retailers, including the dining room and the vases. The painting he himself painted. Sculpture by the fireplace by Janniche Ebbing. Photo: Margaret M. the long

– Using a few colors, the house appears as a visual whole. It’s easier to hit with details in wild colors and textures.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

ABOUT: In close collaboration with the architect, Terje Børresen has got a home that will make him perfect. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Terje made a color palette at the beginning and has adhered to this, the same goes for the use of materials.

– Start with the floors in the home, there should be harmony between soft and hard floors. Gulvkaos is Norway’s interior decorative disease number one: oak here and the ship’s floor there, it is easy to see in which fashion image the different floors were bought. It’s best to invest in timeless and durable floors that survive the trends, “he says.

Another good decor tip is the lighting. Here too, Terje has many and strong opinions:

– Light defines areas and characterizes the house at different times. The light is the cheapest stylist in the house, and at the same time the most atmospheric.

Completed palette

In the villa Børresen, only three colors are used to tie the interior of the house: Dark Gray, NCS 7000, Light Gray, NCS 2000 and White.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

SOV INGREDIENT: The dark gray color is comfortable. The matching color bar has Terje Børresen made of mdf plates, wool and buttons Photo: Margaret M. the long

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

SONEDT: The wardrobe room is separated by a sliding door. Nightstand from Living and Lights from Ikea. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Varying light instances give life and excitement to the gray walls, highlighting the window positions. The colors appear differently depending on the time of day. To live up the gray life, strong colors are used on textiles, pictures and other details.

Architect’s descriptions

Housing Børresen is built on a small plot in Oslo. It consists of a closed outer tree shell defining a clear outside and inside. Within the outer wall there are three atria, a grip that contributes to a private interior without access.

Civil Architect MNAL Andreas Poulsson says that the main tribe is the center and central rooms of the house, and most other rooms are oriented around this.

Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

COMPOSITION: The master bedroom has a private bathroom with warm oak decor. The window by the bed is completely down the floor. It prevents annoying insight, and view is on a small atrium with a centrally located sculpture. Photo: Margaret M. the long

– The interaction between outer and inner spaces creates exciting light instances, and a rich space course.

The home is low-key and intimate from the outside, while it is airy from the inside. The house is built with concrete against the ground and wood over. The roof is sloping sloping roof, with a height ranging from 2.2 to 3.5 meters. See more of the architect’s projects at poulssonpran. no

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Stay completely hidden - in the middle of Oslo

LIGHTED: The downstairs desk light comes from a Bestlite lamp. The painting is signed Terje Børresen. The home has both floors and stairs in concrete. Photo: Margaret M. the long

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