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Spray Christmas decorations fireproof

Fire-retardant spray may have an effect, but you should not trust them blindly.

Spray Christmas decorations fireproof

Christmas decorations are a constantly recurring theme in all fire safety contexts. Many fires have unfortunately turned a cozy Christmas home into a coal-fired fire brigade.

According to DSB and the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, most fires start in the living room, and often because of the use of candles.

Use of fire retardant spray can be a way to guard against fire when the candles flutter, but professionals warn against relying too much on such products.

Did not believe their own eyes

In # 9 of Hytteleviv 2007, the editor of the magazine, Turid Røste, tested the product 3-2-1.

She took care of two so-called silk flowers used as cuffs on candlesticks. One of the cuffs was sprayed with the medium, so the bed was attempted.

– I did not believe my own eyes. The one who was not sprayed took fire immediately, the spray refused all the attempts. We even tried the day afterwards, with the same result , says the editor .

However, not everyone has the same experience with fire retardant spray.

At VG Nett Debate tells Toreslordahl what happened when he tested a two-piece fire retardant. After spraying on one of the sheets and allowing it to dry, he lit on both and they burned as quickly as possible.

Non-flammable decorations

– Choose non-combustible Christmas decorations , says CEO of the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, Dagfinn Kalheim to

The same point of view also has the Directorate for Civil Protection and Preparedness (DSB).

– Lighting and flammable decorations do not belong to the same, emphasizes senior engineer Lars Haugerud at DSB to

He believes that such products have an effect but can not be good for them because there is no public control of such products.

At the Fire Laboratory at SINTEF, Norway’s premier fire-tech competence center, you will not say anything about such products being tested and possibly if they work.

The reason is that this is information that belongs to the clients. They still promise that they can tell Click that completely without effect they are not.

– Such products may have an effect, as they make the surface they are used to not ignite as easily by small ignition sources, such as a match flame, “says senior researcher Anne Steen-Hansen.

Spray Christmas decorations fireproof

FIREFIGHTING SPRAY: 3-2-1 (t.v) from Biochemistry Norway, Prevento (Middle) from Safety-Nor and Safire (t.h)

Safire (t.h)

Application: Textiles such as the couch, tablecloths, curtains, mattresses and bedding.

HMS: Only natural substances, according to the manufacturer.

Price: 130, –

Negotiated by If and Safe and Secure

More information.

Prevento (middle)

Application: Wood, plastic, paper, flowers and generally all that can withstand water.

HMS: Biodegradable according to the manufacturer.

Price: Approx. 300, –

Imported by Safety-Nor.

More information.

3-2-1 (t.v)

Usage: Available in three variants: Standard for materials like ikek to be washed, Washable for materials that can be washed and Special for eg artificial flower arrangements.

HMS: Environmentally friendly and biological according to the manufacturer. Recommends the use of gloves when applied.

Price: From 300, –

Imported by Biokjemi Norge AS – Norsk Trepleie

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