– Some of the best built in Oslo

This Smestad villa is one of the best built in Oslo, experts say.

- Some of the best built in Oslo

- Some of the best built in Oslo

Mother, father and child of 29 square

- Some of the best built in Oslo

The cabin is 20 meters long and 4 meters wide

- Some of the best built in Oslo

How does the top architect live on his own Whale cabin?

This new villa on Oslo’s west side last year had the rare honor of having its own book.

It has been edited by Børre Skodvin and written by architect Erik Langdalen, known for having led the listing of the much-featured Hamsun Center.

Creativity despite strict limits

In this book, Langdalen emphasizes that Smestad House was created under very strict building engineering and regulatory frameworks.

When the site decides

See this futuristic home in Holland and the spectacular triangle house, which is also largely shaped by the special conditions on the plot.

Provides the capital with unique qualities

– But despite the demanding situation on the spot, the architect behind the project, Knut Hjeltnes, was able to create something unique, something lasting and interesting within the capital’s villa architecture, Langdalen says to

Intelligent Solutions

The challenges of distribution of the inside and outside rooms were briefly resolved intelligently, he concludes.

Hjeltnes is behind a lot of innovation

Knut Hjeltnes is by the way no unscheduled sheet. He has previously drawn up remarkable homes in both Bærum, Holmlia and Rennesøy near Stavanger.

- Some of the best built in Oslo

SEARCH MUSIC: See how the state-of-the-art house and garden in the front visually and functionally play together. Photo: Planning and Building Services

At the end of long-term empty

- Some of the best built in Oslo

The plot of the Slemdal house was difficult and it demanded great architectural expertise, says architect Erik Langdalen. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

– This Smestad house is sheltered under tall trees, on the north end of a long and narrow plot, Knut Hjeltnes explains to bonytt. no.

Interaction between two major main forms

The house consists of two main parts and they are organized so that the light emits between the big shapes and the openings.

This has a room enhancing effect.

Barley Concrete

The accommodation is molded in self-compact, gray concrete and a main part includes storage, WC, bathroom, entrance hall, wardrobe, fireplaces, stairs and laundry.

Folded solid wood

Hjeltnes is known for a special use of woodwork in its houses, and the part of the interior of this house built in solid wood is covered with oak.

There are also the fixed, built-in furnishings.

Fiber cement and aluminum

The exterior of the house’s wooden structures is covered with fiber cement panels. All outer fittings are made of aluminum; a beautiful, slightly matte material.

A water trap

- Some of the best built in Oslo

MATERIALS AS FOOD: Here you can see how metal, concrete and wood are used outside. Photo: Planning and Building Services

- Some of the best built in Oslo

KULE SONER: Kitchen and living room goes in one, and both address the green right outside the big windows. Photo: Knut Hjeltnes

A ninety feet long, rather narrow water level, a carpedam with water plants, separates the arrival of the large lawn.

A haven

The carport and landscaping are laid on the plot that they together make the outskirts of the house of a sheltered zone.

Finalist in 2011

– This rest went to the final in the struggle for Oslo’s architecture award for 2011, says information manager Dagny Gärtner Hovig in Oslo’s Planning and Building Agency for

- Some of the best built in Oslo

A INTERIOR THAT HOLDS: Inside is a variety of decorative elements that include bookshelves made of solid oak. Photo: Knut Hjeltnes

The pride of the capital

– It does not work, but we are incredibly proud to have such exciting construction, detached houses, in our capital, “says Gärtner Hovig.

Crawled input

– The building is highly reviewed and represents a clear input in the debate about villa depreciation in Oslo’s outer areas, the jury member, architect Henning Kaland, says to

Excellent fat

– It was an outstanding achievement by the architect to take advantage of the limited space that was available in such a good way, he expands.

- Some of the best built in Oslo

– Houses are built in Bratsberg brick. Inside is the sack in a gray-brown tint. Non-supporting outer walls have terracotta red stucco lustro, Settef Marmorella, says architect Knut Hjeltnes. Photo: Signe Dons

Best in Town

Villa Kollstrøm / Østberg represents some of the best built of detached houses in Oslo, the jury concluded.

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- Some of the best built in Oslo

Ground plan of house and garden Photo: DRAWING: Knut Hjeltnes

- Some of the best built in Oslo

Location of the house Photo: DRAWING: Knut Hjeltnes

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