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So much more you get in Sweden

See how much cottage you get for the same price in Norway and Sweden.

So much more you get in Sweden

Norway is one of the world’s best countries to live in, but prices are also thereafter. This also applies if you want to enjoy a cabin as luxury goods.

Over the line of sweet brother, the situation is different. There are prices lower and you get better value. If you live in a reasonable distance to the Swedish border, it would thus be possible to buy a holiday home in Sweden rather than in Norway.

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Buy Now!

Claudia Wörmann, analyst in Swedish Swedish Real Estate, believes that if you consider buying a cottage in Sweden, time is now coming forward.

– For summer cottages it is the autumn which is the best time to buy. The Swedes who have used their cabins this summer are happy to find out after the holidays that there is too much work to keep both houses and cabin. Winter is also a quiet time how much is for sale, she says to Click. no.

Wörmann believes that Norwegians take the time to buy a holiday paradise in Sweden.

– There is no one saying “I get so much for the money, so now I have to buy before it gets more expensive”. People usually have thought first, and have often also spent a lot of vacation in the area earlier, she says.

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– Value for money

Claudia Wörmann has not heard of Swedes who have bought a cottage in Norway since the 70’s. Until Norway is too expensive.

– Economically, there is no doubt that one gets more “cabin” for the money in Sweden, says Wörmann.

She tells that Norwegians buy Swedish cabins in all price ranges, but mostly go to holiday homes in the medium-term.

The average price for Swedish holiday homes from August last year to July this year was 1. 187. 000 Swedish kroner, ie 1. 011. 000 Norwegian kroner.

Average sales price has decreased by six percent over the previous 12-month period.

Buyer in West

So much more you get in Sweden

THANKS FIRST: Claudia Wörmann in the Realm Society believes that Norwegians take the time to buy their holiday homes in Sweden. Photo: The Realm

She says that it has become more and more popular with inland cabins in Sweden, but that cabins by the water are still the most popular. In particular, there are areas near the national border, such as Värmland and Västra Götaland, which attract most Norwegians. Nearly no Norwegians buy holiday homes east in Sweden.

– How far away from home has a lot to say for people. There is a golden limit for many not far from the border, “Wörmann said.

The course is essential

Based on sales figures, Claudia Wörmann sees Norwegians looking at the Swedish krona rate when looking for holiday homes. At the time of writing, the Swedish krona exchange rate is 84.96, according to Norges Bank.

– You are usually waiting for a good krone rate before turning on, says Wörmann.

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Remember that when you are looking for a cabin in Sweden, prices are quoted in Swedish kroner. The price is even lower when you convert to Norwegian kroner.

But beware, there may be a lot of traps when tempted by cabin dream abroad. Follow this checklist for cottage purchases abroad.

We have walked around for cabins to under 400. 000 and up to one million kroner, in both Norway and Sweden. Below you can see what we found in Norway and Sweden for about the same price. All prices are translated into Norwegian kroner.

Cottage by the water

Do you dream of a cabin by the water? Here are a few examples to 500, respectively. 000 and 720. 000 kroner.

So much more you get in Sweden

ENGLISH: 40 square meters, 200 meters from Lake Vänern to 462. 700 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

So much more you get in Sweden

NORSK: This cabin can be yours for 500. 000 kroner. But you should expect to replace large parts of the contruction, says the ad. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

Under 500. 000 kroner

Yes, it is actually possible with a cabin by the water for less than half a million. But the differences are high between Norway and Sweden.

200 meters from Vänern in Värmland there is a 40 square meter large cabin with water and electricity and two bedrooms. The cottage is located on a natural plot, and is a short way to Lake Vänern’s rocky mountains and cliffs. Price tag: 462. 700 kroner.

Not far from the Swedish border, Vesterøy lies outside Hvaler in Østfold. There you can for 500. 000 kroner get a 35 square meter large bunk with two bedrooms and four goals attached plot. The cottage was built in 1963, has no water, an older single standard and the new owner is expected to replace large parts of the structure, according to the advertisement.

Under 750. 000 kroner

For 715. In Sweden, you can own a house of 85 square meters with a view of Bullarsjön, not far from Strömstad and Östad.

The house contains two bedrooms, and an additional house on the property that is possible to rent. Both houses have entered water and electricity and were renovated in 2001. The plot is 2262 square meters.

So much more you get in Sweden

ENGLISH: 715. NOK 000: 85 square meters with attached cabin. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

So much more you get in Sweden

ENGLISH: Private shoreline, but small cottage for 720. 000 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

For 5000 kroner more for you a little creep in Sande in Vestfold of 31 square meters. The cottage was built in 1957, has its own shoreline, a bedroom and an annex. There is a flow of electricity in the cabin, but it is turned around. The cabin has a value of 790. 000 kroner.

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Or maybe it’s a hut inland as deadlines?

Under 400. 000 kroner

You may find it unlikely to get a cabin under 400. 000 kroner? Here at country there is not much to brag about, but over the border there are better opportunities.

So much more you get in Sweden

ENGLISH: 109 square meters of housing, with garage and good solar conditions in Västra Götaland to 398. 500 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

So much more you get in Sweden

NORSK: “Very simple” calls this cottage outside Kongsberg to 395. 000 kroner. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

In Västra Götaland you can get a 109 square meter holiday home, with three bedrooms, garage and 1371 square meters of land to 389. 500 kroner. Embedded water and electricity, and according to the advertisement; «Lovely balcony with sun all day».

As far as this side of the border is concerned, there is not much gold to find if you dig in 400. 000 crowns class.

In Skrim in Buskerud you can get a 20-25 square meter high standard cabin for 395. 000 kroner. The cottage was built in 1975 and, according to the advertisement, is a “very simple cottage”.

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Under 1. 000. 000 kroner

For 988. In Sweden, you can own a house with own guesthouse, carpentry shop, garage, outhouse, wood shed and pump house in the same courtyard in Sweden.. The holiday home has six bedrooms, water and electricity, and kitchen and bathroom from 2005. The plot of 2,560 square meters is owned and located 15 minutes from Uddevalla, according to the advertisement.

Here in Norway you can get a similar price (995. 000 kroner) get a 60 square meter cottage in Hurdal in Akershus. The cottage has three bedrooms, inlay water and electricity, annexe and woodburning. It was built in 1971, but refurbished in recent times.

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So much more you get in Sweden

ENGLISH: For 988. 500 kroner you can become owner of six-bedroom house, guesthouse, carpentry, garage, outhouse and wood shed in Sweden. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

So much more you get in Sweden

ENGLISH: For 995. You will receive this cottage of 60 square meters with an annex in Hurdal. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

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