So much maintenance requires countertops

So much maintenance needs the countertop.

So much maintenance requires countertops

If you want to replace the countertop in the kitchen, you have a lot to choose from. The bench is used for a lot, and it is therefore advisable to choose a material that can withstand a little.

Does not tolerate chemicals

A laminate worktop is a relatively safe choice for many, and there is always a laminate plate that fits your kitchen in color and style.. However, a disadvantage of laminate is that it can be difficult to fix damage that occurs.

The advantage of laminate is that it’s easy to clean, but if you get an injury it’s hard to fix this, “says Fredrik Tønnesen, who is the category editor in Elkjøp.

If you choose a worktop in laminate, you do not have to worry about maintenance. However, detergents containing ammonia, bleaches or abrasives should be avoided. If you choose to use green soap, you should test it very carefully first as it may cause discoloration. A laminate worktop can withstand a lot, but easily gets rid of the darkness and is not very moist in moisture. Heating boilers should be kept far away.

Compact laminate, however, withstands a bit more of both moisture and chemicals, but is also cleaned perfectly with a cloth of water. Abrasives with abrasives should be avoided on all worktops, and most preferably you should do without cleaning products.

Greens should be oiled several times a year

Helt will not be out of fashion with the first one, and it’s also okay to do if you want to make changes in the kitchen as it can easily be cut in.

Helt is a bit more expensive material, but it feels warmer and you can repair minor damage that occurs. If the worktop is properly worn, it can be sanded completely and be good as new.

However, if you want to avoid this, it’s oil that applies – and it’s relatively often.

Do not have wood oil, you can also use a standard cooking oil found in the kitchen cabinet.

– We recommend suitable oil as described by the supplier in the operating instructions, but yes, in practice, a neutral cooking oil can be used on standard oiled oak slices. It is not suitable for massive plates that have been pretreated otherwise such as grown or oil-waxed. There you have to use a maintenance product as stated in the instruction, Tønnesen emphasizes.

He recommends to oil worktops two to four times a year. Keep in mind that hot boilers can cause bad dams and that water spills should be kept away when the wood can quickly burst. In addition, it should be oiled between five and seven times during the first few weeks you have it in house.

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So much maintenance requires countertops

REQUIRING TREATMENT: A solid wood worktop should be oiled between two and four times a year. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO:

How to check if the worktop needs oil:

At Alanor AS, Line Augustin has a trick for you who are unsure if the countertop needs a new round of oil.

– pour a drop of water on the plate and see it beads, she whispers.

The drop should then be completely round so that you can blow it next. Do not do it need plate oil.

This can be used as a check immediately after finishing treatment too, to check if there was an extra stroke. It will also work on concrete as well as woodwork.

However, one thing you should never use on wooden worktops is paint. The reason is that the paint lays on top of the wood so you wear the product right when you use it.

– Also, wood is a living material that moves at different temperatures. When the paint is on top of the worktop, there are tiny cracks you can not see where water is spilled right into the. The oil, however, pulls into the worktop and works with the wood, she points out.

Sell most laminates

On Elkjøp, however, there is a laminate that is the sole winner of the kitchen department, which is probably seen in the context of laminate rarely swearing too much for the wallet.

– We can see a growing trend towards more modern materials such as avonite and quartz. Avonite is very malleable and provides almost seamless solutions.

The latter is a composite material that can be used well in the kitchen sink, so you can have a well-stocked countertop and wash in one. The material requires little maintenance, but should regularly be overcome with special means for avonite to maintain its shine, according to Tønnesen.

– Quartz goes against those who want it more exclusive, and raise the overall quality feeling in the kitchen. Quartz, on the other hand, is not as malleable and more sensitive to bias.

The latter also enjoys some heat, while the avonite easily gets fools if you put a kettle on the worktop.

Concrete and granite

A concrete worktop can be nice, but this is a material you need to take care of.

– Concrete is a very absorbent material and quickly discolored. I recommend that the concrete be oiled, but then it will also have a very moist appearance, says Augustin at Alanor.

How often concrete slab should be oiled depends entirely on the use, and again the water trick can help you judge whether the worktop needs a new layer of oil.

– Is it a table top of a cottage you rarely use, it can keep doing this every ten years, but is the countertop at home where you are four to use it every day, it has to be done more often, she says.

Granite like worktop can work fine. This is a hard rock that absorbs little fluid and requires little maintenance. However, there is a difference in granite and while some can withstand some water, others are more porous and absorb moisture.

– It will also affect the need for impregnation and maintenance, says senior researcher Arne Nesje at Sintef Building Research.

Otherwise, the impregnation applies and you should have a polished surface.

– A sanded and polished surface will be easier to clean, “he says.

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So much maintenance requires countertops

POPULAR CHOICE: A worktop granite can withstand some and requires little maintenance. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO:

Would not recommend the marble trend

The marble, which has experienced a slight renaissance in recent years, is not a material that is easy to eat in the kitchen.

So much maintenance requires countertops MARMOR: Marble is still trendy and is used in many different colors, but although it’s very nice, it’s probably not the natural stone that best fits the worktop. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO:

– I do not recommend marble as a worktop. It becomes easily discolored, says Augustin.

Nose agrees. Marble is a porous natural stone, which sucks a lot of spills from cooking and dishes. If you swallow a splash of coffee or red wine, the damage can be done. The marble is also cooked more easily than granite.

– If you get high quality marble, which sucks a bit, it may be nice, but otherwise I would not recommend it as a worktop, he points out.

He also proposes to support the country’s national stone.

– Norway’s national stone larvikite is a stone that has very good qualities, so if you want to beat the Norwegian national stone, choose it as a countertop.

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