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So many thousands you can pay tax-free

If you pay in cash, you may risk being responsible for the craftsman’s tax advice.

Do you need a craftsman and may you already apply online? Then you might think that you should try to get away with the lowest possible bill?

But if you pay in cash, winnings can go up for spinning.

Aftenposten writes about how nine people at Konnerud outside Drammen ended up paying the craftsman’s VAT declaration.

“The customers who have paid together 605. 000 kroner in cash, now receives an additional bill of 81. 900 kroner from the state, “writes the newspaper.

– If you pay more than $ 10,000 in cash, you will be able to be co-responsible for craftsmen’s tax evasion. This means that the tax and VAT that the craftsmen dare will we demand from those customers who choose to pay in cash. To avoid this co-responsibility, payment must be made by bank, “says Director of Taxation, Henry Larsen, to click. no.

No good reason for cash requirements

So many thousands you can pay tax-free

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Larsen emphasizes that there are only the evils associated with your own assignment you can be responsible for.

Generally, he sees no reason for craftsmen to claim cash payment.

– Never pay in cash. There are no good reasons for craftsmen to claim cash payment. Get a proper invoice on the amount and pay by bank to an account number stated on the invoice, emphasizes and emphasizes further that ringing doors and offering their services is not common for serious business.

– When someone does this, be extra careful. Investigate prices on your own and enter into a contract. Check that the company you are considering is in the enterprise register and the VAT register. If a company has a value-added tax of more than 50,000 SEK a year, it must be registered in the VAT register.

Complaints Issues

In addition to getting into the tax authorities’ searchlight, cash payment will also make it more difficult for you to advertise.

“Lack of written documentation can cause you, among other things, problems to complain about your work in retrospect. Secure documentation on your purchase by paying via bank “, the Tax Administration writes on its websites.

In addition, you will help unwind away from noisy businesses in the market.

“Banking increases the traceability of the transaction and makes it harder for malicious businessmen to hide their revenue,” explains the Tax Administration..

Paying for Black Work

Anders Leisner in the Homeowners’ Association considers it to be black work in cases where the craftsman does not pay VAT, even though the consumer is in good faith.

So many thousands you can pay tax-free

Do you see what the broker has manipulated?

– If the craftsman does not pay tax and value added tax, then it’s about black work, even if you receive an invoice that apparently looks right. It does not mean that the consumer necessarily does something criminal. If the amount is less than $ 10,000 you will probably avoid reactions if you have been in good faith. However, as it is a rule that all amounts above £ 10,000 will be paid by bank, it may be a good idea to pay all invoices from craftsmen over banks, regardless of amount.

May be convicted of VAT deduction

The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 a verdict on a cottage owner who had used black work. He was sentenced to unconditional jail for 21 days.

– It is my opinion that the same applies to those who pay a craftsman in cash, says Odd Rune Torstrup, Lawyer.. no. He was defender in the current case.

– Even if you think you pay for white work, it will still be considered to be deliberate if you pay in cash. It’s about what the jus describes as dolus eventualis, a situation where you understand that there is a possibility that the craftsman, by claiming cash payment, operates black and wherever you choose to accept the cash claim. You simply accept the silent consequences of paying cash.

This is also confirmed by Henry Larsen in the Tax Administration.

– If the relationship becomes police reported, you can be charged.

No big problem

At the Huseiers Landsforbund they have received very few inquiries regarding this problem.

– But it is interesting that the IRS is beginning to focus on this.

So many thousands you can pay tax-free

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4000 tax free

According to the site, whitelisted. no, you can pay a private individual up to 4000 NOK tax-free for work done at home. Handle White. no is a collaboration between the authorities and the big business organizations to make it easier for consumers to trade white.

However, the following requirements must be met in order for you to pay 4000 tax-free:

  • Work is done at home, on the car or the cabin
  • You pay as a private individual, the expense is not charged to a company
  • You deal directly with the one who works for you
  • The one who works for you does not have a business in the same industry

There is no limit to how many people you pay for the free pass in one year.

Amounts above 4000 may be considered as payroll and must be reported to the authorities. But if it’s less than $ 60,000, you’ll get away with a simplified report, which means, among other things, that you do not have to pay social security contributions.

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So many thousands you can pay tax-free

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