So cool can the time be

With little tricks you can get an incredibly enjoyable time.

So cool can the time be

So cool can the time be

So clever can the wardrobe be

So cool can the time be

Check the smart apartment

So cool can the time be

With the book backs against the wall

So cool can the time be

How to pimple the Ikea boxes

You only have one chance to make a good first impression on the guests.

Get started!

Here we give you a couple of variants. Be inspired or mix it with your own style.


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Rough and hot at once

So cool can the time be

METAL AND THREE: This way the hallway becomes rough and trendy right now. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Cabinet “Locker”, vintage from Hungary 950, kr 6995, Milla Boutique.

On cabinet: Basket with handles in leather, kr 399, Milla Boutique. The shelf «Stack» hangs on the door, white, metal, kr 99, Åhléns. Reinsdyrhorn, kr 499, Milla Boutique. Box in leather with fringe, kr 1590, Milla Boutique. The bench “Carved” in beiset teak with storage facilities, kr 2795, Indian.

On bench: The pillow “Frösakull” in cotton, 40 x 60 cm, kr 199, Åhléns. The hanger handle «Bag», NOK 169, Åhléns. Hanging wood, white with rose pattern, kr 49 Indian. The shoe “Chicago” with pendant in leather, NOK 169, Åhléns. Mirror «Rialto» with hard plastic frame, NOK 225, Eske. Hook with porcelain button, kr 129, Milla Boutique. Carpet “Knob” of hemp, 80 x 200 cm, kr 1199, Milla Boutique. Coffee Table “One way ticket to Capetown”, kr 1750, Eske.

On board: Plate “Peacock” with pattern and gold border, $ 129, Indian. Key in iron, antique, kr 299, Milla Boutique. The “Organizer” storage box in white wood, kr 79, indian. Knagger in porcelain, div. colors, from kr 29, indian.

Under table: Door mat “Coconut”, 80 x 50 cm, kr 200, Åhléns. Clothesbox in cotton, NOK 119, Åhléns. At table: Puff of antique linen, kr 1699, Milla Boutique.

1. Puff of antique lentils, kr 1699, Milla Boutique. Umbrella bucket with hank, kr 849, Milla Boutique. Door mat «Järvsö» with brown frame, kr 179, Åhléns.

So cool can the time be

PRODUCTS FOR THE HOPE: Hooks and boxes that decorate. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

2. Knot in steel with porcelain button, kr 89, Milla Boutique. Knaggen “Hjorthuvud Chicago” in aluminum, kr 199, Åhléns. Knot in steel with glass knob, kr 119, Milla Boutique. Knaggen «Elephant Stack», kr 99, Åhléns. Knaggen “Horse Stack”, kr 99, Åhléns. Knaggen «Butterfly», kr 39, indian.

3. The “Organizer” storage box in teaked teak, kr 79 (small) /, kr 129 (large), indian. Key of iron, antique, kr 299, Milla Boutique.

Step into the future

Tight comforter “Seattle”, white lacquered with three drawers, kr 8879, Møbelringen.

So cool can the time be

MODERN: White along with bang colors becomes a bang entrance. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

On chest of drawers: The chair “Pantone”, foldable with yellow plastic seat, kr 1100, Box. The box “Pantone”, kr 350, Eske. On chair: Boxes of metal, kr 109 (large) /, kr 69 (small), People and design. The pendant “Raven” in black-painted veneer, kr 450, Eske.

On wall: The lightbox “Lightbox”, kr 2500, Box. Hook handle “Oak” in white painted steel, kr 225, Designtorget. The keyholder “Remember Me” of cardboard, kr 75, Eske. Mirror with white painted frame and support leg, NOK 1198, Furniture ring. The stewardess “Sir James” in white painted steel, h 185 cm, kr 1598, the furniture ring.

On the mantle: The pajamas ‘Milk’ with pattern of red flowers, kr 320, People and design. The carpet “Vera One”, 70 x 90 cm, kr 495, People and design. The sitting room “Candy” in white hard plastic and with red top of wool, kr 1565, Møbelringen. Roof pendant «Mhy» in gold-plated steel, kr 1395, Illums Bolighus. The wisdom tooth stool in lacquered steel, kr 699, Illums Bolighus.

1. Knaggen “OK” in galvanized and white painted steel, kr 1950, Eske. Knaggen “Darthooks” in chrome, with three knagger / arrows, kr 450, Box.

2. Shoe box in transparent plastic with black decor, kr 195 / four pcs. , Design Square.

3. The mirror “Body Mirror” with red frame and chrome-plated bone, kr 3040, Illums Bolighus. The coin ‘Wishbone’ of red-lacquered steel, NOK 3240, Illums Bolighus.

So cool can the time be

DESIGN WITH VRI: Eye-catching products create a personal time. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

White PVC storage box with handy side handle, NOK 1200, Møbelring. The radio “Uno 2go” in red hard plastic, kr 1595, People and design.

Hanger grip «Enter» in white painted MDF, knagger in brushed steel, l 60 cm, kr 1850, Møbelring. Handbag made of plastic, kr 95, Designtorget.

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